SIDS Experts Meetings

In December 2002, the University of the West Indies Center for Environment and Development, supported by the UNDP, organized a brainstorming session of SIDS experts in San Pedro, Belize. The session analyzed the effectiveness and impact of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) in the WSSD process and elaborated a set of recommendations for AOSIS.

These recommendations were adopted in February 2003, and formed the strategic background for the Mauritius preparatory process for AOSIS. One of the key recommendations was the need to generate high quality informative case studies on the special case of SIDS from a variety of angles. With this in mind, UWICED, supported by UNDP and UNDESA, organized a series of expert meetings that generated numerous valuable reports on the sustainable development challenges facing SIDS. The topics included energy, trade and tourism, waste management, capacity building and education for sustainable development, oceans management, and science and technology. In addition, a specific proposal for cooperation amongst SIDS universities was also generated.

 The Alliance of Small Island States Meeting of Experts on Capacity Development for Sustainable Development Through Training, Education, and Public Awareness, Suva, Fiji, 3-8 December

 The Vulnerability of SIDS: Enhancing Resilience – the Role of the Private Sector, Civil Society & Trade in the Sustainable Development of SIDS, Dominica, 29 September to 03 October, 2003

  • Minister’s Statement Statement by Prof. Albert Binger, UWICEDPresentation by Dr. Michael Witter and Ms. Terry-Ann Miller, University of West Indies
  • Economic Vulnerability Profile of SIDS
  • Vulnerability Profile of Jamaica
  • Overcoming the Challenges to the Sustainability of Tourism in Caribbean SIDS, Mr. Cletus Springer
  • SIDS Agricultural Diversification
  • Pacific Since Rio and Barbados, Presented by Vaasiliifi Moelagi Jackson, As An NGO Perspective
  • Niche Marketing for SIDS in a Climate of Decreasing Preferential Treatment, Mr. David B. Smith
  • Case Study on Sugar Cane Bagasse Energy Cogeneration in Mauritius, Dr. Kassiap Deepchand
  • Exploring the Concept of Environmental Vulnerability: Critical Considerations, Dr. Leonard A. Nurse
  • Civil Society Responses to Land Management Dilemmas in a Caribbean Small Island State: Fondes Amandes Community Reforestation Project, Trinidad, Dr. Carol James
  • Case Study on Sugar Cane Bagasse Energy Cogeneration in Mauritius, Presentation
  • Building Resilience to Social Vulnerability
  • Challenges Facing the SIDS in the International Trade Negotiations, Mr. A. Bhuglah


Waste Management Experts Meeting, Havana Cuba 27 Oct – 01 Nov 2003:
Draft Agenda and Concept Paper

  • Waste Nutrients: Impacts on Coastal Coral Reefs and Fisheries, and Abatement Via Land Recycling. Case by Thomas J. Goreau, President, Global Coral Reef Alliance, PDF document
  • GIWA Indian Ocean Islands, by Rolph Payet, PDF document
  • Efficient water-supply development and management for small, arid, oceanic islands based on water use, by Allen L. Zack and Espen Ronneberg: Case Study and PowerPoint Presentation
  • Pan American Health Organization, by Ana Solis-Ortega, PowerPoint Presentation
  • Municipality Solid Waste Management in the Havana Bay Littoral, Felix Palacios, PowerPoint Presentation in English and Español | Case Study:English and Español
  • Analysis of Sectoral Solid Waste, by Jesus A. Delgado, PowerPoint Presentation | Case Study in English and Español
  • Waste and the Need for Holistic Integrated Waste Management in the Pacific Islands, by Randolph R. Thaman, PowerPoint Presentation | Case Study
  • Solid Waste Management in Seychelles, by Rolph Payet, PowerPoint Presentation
  • Agricultural Waste Management Issues for the Pacific, by Teresa Manarangi,PowerPoint Presentation | Case Study
  • Evolution & Implementation of a Solid Waste Strategy, St. Lucia, by Vincent Sweeney, PowerPoint Presentation | Case Study
  • Viewing Waste as a Resource, by Edison Garraway, PowerPoint Presentation
  • Opportunities for Sectoral Synergy in Public Sector Waste Management, by Hugh Sealy, PowerPoint Presentation | Case Study
  • Overview characterization of sewer in the Caribbean, by Jorge Alfonso, PowerPoint Presentation in Spanish | Case Study in English and Español
  • Wastewater Management “The Experiences of the Scientific Research Council in Jamaica”, by Julia Brown, PowerPoint Presentation | Case Study
  • Sewage Sludge Disposal to the Sea, by Liuba Chabalina, PowerPoint Presentation in English and Español
  • Developing Capacity Waste Management Training Via the Internet, by Velva Lawrence, PowerPoint Presentation



Regional Workshop: Towards Sustainable Development in the Caribbean Islands,Capacity-building for Managing and Protecting Biological Resources Cayo Coco, Ciego de Avila, Cuba, 25 – 29 November 2002 Climate Variability and Health Effects in the Caribbean, Bridgetown, Barbados, 21-25 May, 2002: Statement by H.E. Ambassador Tuiloma Neroni Slade, Chairman of AOSIS Experts Roundtable: Vulnerability & SIDS: Exploring Mechanisms for Partnerships, Montego Bay, Jamaica, 9-10 May 2002

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