Transport and Communication

The geographic isolation of many small island developing States has influenced the high cost of transportation and communication to and from these countries. Despite the development of the internet and satellite communication, which have helped to mitigate the traditional isolation, the challenges persist. Issues surrounding transport and communication remain critical to the sustainable development of SIDS, and the economic costs remain high. Additionally, the transport infrastructure of SIDS is close to the coasts and is consequently threatened by climate change and sea level rise, as well as by natural disasters. While advances in the liberalisation of telecommunications in some SIDS have been made, with their ensuing challenges and opportunities, many SIDS still suffer from access limitations and monopolised markets.

As such, costs also remain high at the user and producer end of the telecommunications market. The basic principles and specific actions that are required at the national, regional and international levels to support sustainable development in small island developing States in the area of transport and communication are outlined in Chapter 12 of the BPoA and Chapter 10 of the MSI.