Suggested Itineraries in Granada


A walking tour will introduce you to Granada, its history and architecture.  There are organised guided tours, but there is nothing to stop your venturing out under your own steam with your own itinerary and with your guide book in hand.  However, remember that entry into many of the sites requires a ticket, so for the more popular of attractions it is a good idea to pre-book, which you can do online : Ticketmaster


Itinerary 1

The Alhambra:  This will take you all of one day.

You should include: The Lion fountain in the patio of the Nazrid palaces.  The Generalife water gardens.

There is also the option of the special programme run by the Council of the Alhambra who select one space each month usually closed to the general public which is accessible with a general ticket.


Itinerary 2

The Cathedral and Royal Chapel – enjoy the opulence of this magnificent cathedral and explore the Royal chapel to see the coffins of the monarchs Isabella and Ferdinand and their daughter Juana.


The Baňuelo – at the foot of the Alhambra hill, wander through the many rooms of this ancient bathhouse and discover part of the ancient Muslim traditional body cleansing tradition.


The Albayzin – lose yourself in the living museum of the old Moorish Quarter.


Sacromonte – Take yourself off to the world of the gypsy and explore its caves and ravine-roads.  Then stay on to watch a flamenco performance while you enjoy a glass of wine and some local cuisine.