Valencia Festivals and Holidays

Las Fallas (February)

Valencia’s biggest event of the year officially starts at the end of February with an explosion in the square in front of the City Hall.  There are many fun events leading up to the Main parade and the whole fiesta is marked by the continual setting off of fireworks.  On the last night of the fiesta, the fallas (giant sculptures) are set alight.  The day is named El Dia de San Jose and the burning signifies the purification of the city.

Easter Holy Week (Semana Santa) Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday

This is Valencia’s Maritime Holy week (Semana Santa Marinera) and is celebrated in the maritime towns of Valencia.  This holy week is marked by are processions, traditional music and bell ringing.  But there is also a quirky happening as on Easter Saturday at midnight while the church bells ring the people of the town throw pots of mud from their windows.  This tradition is called Trenca de Perols.

The Battle of the Flowers – July

This event takes place during the July fair (Feria de Julio) and is held on the last Sunday of the Fair and is a parade of enormous floral floats from which women throw flowers into the streets.

The fair itself lasts for a whole month and abounds with stalls of local produce, pavilions, and botanical exhibitions.

La Tomatina – August

Although La Tomatina is not a festival in the city of Valencia, but in the city of Buñol which is a city in the province of Valencia, due to its popularity we have mentioned it here as well.  This fun festival is part of a week of festivities in the Valencian Town of Buñol.  If you fancy throwing a little food around then it’s off to Buñol you go, but don’t expect only to throw it is likely that you will find yourself covered in tomato sauce (plus skins), so not the time to wear your best outfit.

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