Top Spanish Foods to Try in Valencia

The gastronomy of Valencia takes pride to offer the best of national and international cuisine. The traditional recipes are made with natural ingredients and cooked in the most typical way, and would include oils, veggies, spices, fruit and fresh meat or fish. They serve you the best Mediterranean Diet and have an incredible variety of rice and desserts.

  • La Paella Valenciana: This is the most famous dish to try in Valencia and is made with fresh meat (usually chicken and rabbit) and veggies, and has rice as the base. Although the city is on the coast, seafood is not added to paella. This used to be a staple dish to the farmers, which is why the usage of meat is more dominant. This is a rich dish which comes at an economical rate and is sold throughout the city
  • Rice is the ultimate Valencian product. It was originally grown by the Muslims and then passed on to the Christians. It can be consumed with almost anything, making it a staple main course item. It is cooked in a cooking pot or in deep earthenware to let it have the juices. The ones which are baked in the oven are dry. They are often cooked in a paella pan, and that is the most authentic way of consuming it. Arroz al Horno which is baked in the oven, Arroz a Banda which is made with fish, Arroz con Costra which is made with egg crust.
  • Try out stews which they locally call Ollas. These are made with the stock of meat and pulses. Try out olla de la plana which are cooked in vegetables, haricot beans and added with saffron. La Olla de Recapte is made with potatoes and pork. Suquet is a famous stew served with onion, orange sauce or almond and added with marine life and has a touch of Mediterranean imagination.
  • Esgarraet: this is another typical food to taste, and includes red pepper salad, garlic, olive oil, black olives and cured cod. The preparation technique requires in ripping the peppers and fishes in fine strips. It is sometimes served like tapas as well. Locals love the contrast of salt cod with the sweetness of peppers. This blends well with olive oil and is often soaked up with bread for consumption.
  • The city has wine with denominations of Alicante, Valencia, Cava and Utiel-Requena. These are not only consumed as a drink but also added as an ingredient in soups. Popular wines would include those such as Fuenteseca, Añacal and Cerro Bercial.
  • The traditional summertime soft drink, of horchata de chufa, is another must try! It has made of tiger nut which is exclusively grown here.
  • The traditional sweets in this region have a Moorish touch which means that they use lots of almonds and honey to it. Try out rosetones, arnadi and arrop i tallaetes. If these aren’t enough, try out buñuelos which are famous during the Fallas festivals. Easter festivals are brightened up with Monas and the typical Panquemado (literally means burnt bread).
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