Top 5 beaches in City of Valencia

Malvarrosa Beach (Playa de la Malvarrosa)

This is the main beach in the city of Valencia with most visitors and is also nearest to the city center. Buses and trams make it easily accessible too. This hasn’t developed with time but stays clean and safe. You will still get the basic facilities and amenities, along with a strip of bars and restaurants which stays packed during lunch times! There are some good holiday places to rent around the area, which can make your visit to the city and the beach easier. The beach splits in three zones, Malvarrosa, Las Arenas and Patacona, and all of these are family friendly and relaxing.

El Cabanyal Beach/Las Arenas Beach (Playa de Las Arenas/ El Cabanyal)

People, who want to take a break from the city, come to this beach. It is accessible through buses and trams too but takes you away in seclusion. The wide and sandy beach are dotted with parasols cutting, which makes an iconic shape on the skyline. The waters are calm and the promenade offers a nice place to stroll along. There are numerous seafood restaurants lining at the back of the beach.

Patacona Beach (Playa de La Patacona)

This beach is located at the northern beach-line and is less crowded compared to Malvarossa. Both the beaches are separated by a stream, although there is a bridge to cross over. The sands here are wider and the water feels more tranquil. The bridge obstructs the view of the city on the right, and that takes you away from the masses! On the left, you get a closer and prettier view of the coastline and that feels lovely. The wide beach with less crowd makes it demanded, however, people usually don’t like to walk that long.

El Saler Beach (Playa El Saler)

This beach is located towards the south of the city and can be accessed by road only. You have to go through the V-30 road and then take CV-500 to head to El Saler. There are bus services from the centre to get you here. The windswept natural sands cover an area of about 5 or 6km in length and are surrounded by pretty sand dunes waiting to be explored. This beach is popular for golf lovers, as it has an area for golfing too. The course is just adjacent to La Albufera Natural Park, and this is a traditional Spanish area for some fine time with nature. Coming to this beach would need an entire day to tour through. People who want some quiet time can walk little towards the north and reach Port Saplaya.

Devesa Beach (Playa La Devesa)

This beach is of the same and supreme quality like El Saler but is less crowded. It is a common nudist’s beach with a clean coastline, white sands, pure blue waters and dunes. It an offbeat place due to being underdeveloped, compared to the rest of the beaches. People like to walk in here from El Saler, especially when they find it too crowded. The walk is quite a gorgeous one and accounts you with a full day of entertainment. Take some time out to get to the Albufera Lake and see the lush pine forests by the beach.

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