Points of interest and Top Things to do in Benidorm

Benidorm the city of free cabaret acts and spectacular nightlife invites you to the must-visits of the city that might make your heart skip a beat or two probably.  With a lot of excitement and energy get ready to find some the most amazing places to visit in Benidorm. This City is a mixture of nerve breaking and nerve soothing spots that will have a Zen effect on your soul after you spend some precious minutes of your life there. After all, it’s all about the fun you have and the memories you make in these places.

La Cruz de Benidorm

After the hustle bustle of your regular city life, you will want to calm your nerves and the perfect spot for this is to visit La Cruz de Benidorm. It is a precious point at the cross of Benidorm from where you can see the Alicante coast from Calpe to Alicante beyond. You can see the Mediterranean Sea to infinity and spend hours watching the sea and the landscape. It’s best to visit at dawn to see the city turning from a piece of land to a place full of life.

The walk to this spot might be a little tiring but the view is worth all the efforts. However, the walk is not absolutely necessary because it is also accessible by car.

Terra Natura

Terra Natura is a new generation animal park where you can make contact with the animals and observe their habitats and peculiar characteristics through invisible barriers to humans. It is not just an animal park, its various activities both indoor and outdoor and educational proposals make it an ideal spot for a family go out with guaranteed fun and bonding with all.

With a breathtaking architecture, landscaping and fantastic shows this place is a must visit for those visiting Benidorm. And to take the most out of the Rajasthan village ‘Namastepur’, the Mahanadi camp with gigantic elephants as designated drivers, kids play areas and a lot more, take out an entire day from your schedule.

The ticket to this place is valid for one whole day but you can visit on any day throughout the week. However, the marked red indicates closed.

Aqua Natura water park

For those adventure freaks this is ‘the place’ for you all. From swimming with sharks to intense rides this park has all that you need to have a great time.to make the most of this place; it is suggested to go as early as possible during the day because time flies very fast here.

The park is centred on a large lagoon with a beach like water edges. This place best suits families with a lot of kids because they are going to love it here.

The water, however, gets a tad bit cold so break intervals between swims are required. Youngsters will have the times of their life with catwalks, bridges, water castles and 800 metres of terrific slides. Soothing hydro-therapies and sunbathing on the white sandy beaches will catch the eyes of the adults of the families as well.

Benidorm markets

A market in this picturesque, raw and ethnic part of Spain caters to all the need you might have on a day with perfect bargains. These markets usually start early in the morning at around 8 am and wrap up at around 1 pm before the heat hits their faces.

  • The first is the Foietes market that is held near the Foietes sports centre on every Wednesday morning. They have a good selection of local food and craft with flowers and clothes.
  • The ‘El Pueblo’ market is to be found on the Avenida de L’Admirall Bernat de Sarria on every Wednesday and Sunday mornings. Here you can select from local food, souvenirs, hot snacks, clothes, handbags and shoes.
  • Another is ‘El Cisne’ market that is held on every Sunday and on one Saturday every month. This is a typical antique flea market

4×4 safari

Leave all the city life to experience the rock and roll of these rough mountains terrain in the hinterland of the Costa Blanca. Follow the uneven paths in your 4×4 ,swim in the beautiful Algar waterfalls and enjoy a beautiful day in these peaceful mountains.

The swim in these waterfalls will ease all the tension build in your body and the drive through these vast mountains will bring your humble side out.

Make a trip to these Rocky Mountains with your backpack and live the adventure this place has in the box for you and your friends.

You will be picked by a luxury 8 seater and will take you through the forgotten villages, deep canyons and a jingle like a riverbed. And a swim in the cold water of the Algar waterfall will wash that dust away.

Eat with the locals in tapas alley (Calle de Tapas)

There is nothing like eating with the locals in their city. The warm food with their warm welcome makes the trip worthwhile. The memories made with these people in their houses are what you will cherish forever. Enjoy those Spanish local dishes with these dips and pen your experiences with the smiles they offer. Remember I you like to fish, vegetables, fish, eggs or cheese then you’re bound to find a few tapas to fit the bill.

The nature of tapas means the manners and protocols are forgotten in a flurry of sharing, finger licking and generally ‘digging-in’. So take a breath and eat it all.

Scuba diving

Benidorm has excellent quality in water and hence offers excellent scuba diving opportunities. Its waters have abundant sea life and are reserved for miles to scuba dive. They offer sea trek and complementary activities such as excursions and deep sea diving.

It is a place with great charm in coastal areas because it has micro climates that make it an area with good temperature and a magnificent atmosphere all year.

People here keep aside everything to enjoy the vastness of the sea and the calm it has to offer in this busy world. The vastness of the sea makes you look at live in a very different manner. Scuba diving is a must after coming to Benidorm.

Peacock island

The amazing Benidorm skyline seen from the Mediterranean and framed by the towering Puig Campana Mountain is stunning and the whole trip is worth the view. The island is a national park so the species reserved are worth the time that you spend there. Eat some ice cream and tapas in the local restaurants and have a relaxing day after all the travelling.

For an interesting change of scenery get yourself to the boat and on the port of Benidorm islands also known as peacock islands. Wander the path to the summit for a great view of the coast right up to Alicante coast and enjoy your picnic with fresh air and the gulls for company. This is the best place to bond with your family of your friends along with a beautiful view at your desk.

Shopping Centers

Also, anyone looking for areas to shop in will be more than sated with these spots:

Gambo Street’ and the ‘Passaig de la Carretera’ (Paseo de la Carretera) are the main and most popular shopping area of Benidorm Old Town region. Also, the streets of Almendros, Tomás Ortuño, Ruzafa and Martínez Alejos that are opening out to this area are popular shopping places.

Benidorm Indoor Market is a popular and excellent indoor market located at the ‘Rincon de Loix’, on the opposite of Hotel Nereo, at the new town of Benidorm. Visitors may find a variety of goods and food.

Avenida del Mediterráneo’ is the main shopping area of the Levante. There are a variety of shopping centres that are situated around the periphery.

Benidorm Shopping Center ‘La Marina’ is a shopping mall located in the commercial area of ‘Finestrat’. It is one of the biggest shopping malls in the Costa Blanca region. La Marina has three floors and visitors may find a variety of goods, designer shops, sportswear, toys, souvenirs and more. There’s also a food court, snack bars and a cinema. Also the ‘Carrefour Supermarket’

Street markets are also popular shopping areas like in all holiday towns in the world. The street markets in Benidorm offer a variety of goods with great bargains for the holidaymakers. Visitors are able to find additional information about the regions’ street markets at the Benidorm tourist information offices, agencies and hotels. ‘Mercadillo de Foietes’ (every Wednesday) is the popular one located in the district to the north of the Centre the municipal alongside the sports centre. Benidorm Outdoor Market (Mercadillo Pueblo) (every Wednesday, also open on Sundays) is the other popular one located in the Levante area beside the Hotel Pueblo, on the Avenida de l’Almirall Bernat de Sarrià.

Finally, there’s an assortment of Scuba Diving adventures, Wildlife Parks and Zoos, Cabarets and Showbars, as well as museums to tour once you get to this holiday destination.

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