Top Spanish Foods to Try in Benidorm

Benidorm’s Gastronomy

The richness and variance in the Benidorm’s gastronomy have been achieved with the help of their ancestors and other civilisations that have inspired the local recipes. The international cuisines, traditions from Arabs, legacy of marine merchants, typicality of fishermen and the extraordinary list of specialities from the interior, have summed up to offer an amazing list of food in this city. There are over 1000 restaurants and 800 bars which sell all kinds of food you’d want. They offer universal tastes, which get you the best of legumes, stews, meats and fishes from the Alicantinian cuisine, while you also get a touch of Italian, Chinese, Argentinean, Moroccan, Thai, Mexican, Central European, British and French delicacies. Some of the local specialities which speak of their authenticity would include:

  • Arroz con habichuelas y nabos (Rice with kidney beans and turnip).
  • Arroz a banda is a type of fish stock added to cooked rice
  • Alioli is a special sauce made of garlic and olive oil, use to top dishes or used a dip.
  • Cazuela de Pescado a lo Pobre: fishes are battered in flour and then fried, to be added to cook in a clay pot, along with sautéed garlic, onion, and potatoes. It is then seasoned with salt, paprika, white wine and tomato juice, and added with breadcrumbs. This is then added with fish broth, almonds, and Pernod, and put inside a heated oven. It is served after having cooked for 40 more minutes.
  • Arroz Caldoso: literally means brothy rice. They are then added with ingredients and flavors to bring the authentic taste.
  • Coca Farcida: this is flour dough, added with oil, and filled with tomatoes, peas, ratatouille, and tuna. This is best for starters, but can also be consumed between meals.


  • Pastel de Boniato: it is a sweet potato pie shaped like a dumpling, and contains mass potato inside. It is one of the most loved desserts here.
  • San Blas cake: this is a type of a bun which looks 1 and a ½ centimetre thick. It is typically sampled during the San Blas festival, on 3rd February. They have a touch of lemon which makes the colour yellow and is smothered in icing sugar for coating.

The city has an amazing range of tapas bar where you get a wide range of taps and pinchos. They are great to accompany with some traditional wine. Devoting an evening to one tapas restaurant would be a great idea. There is a Tapas Alley at the Old Town, and that could excite your visit to this part of the city.

When you are planning your trip to Benidorm, try to see if it merges with a gastronomic event. This city has various gastronomic events every year. Some of them are Tapas and Pintxos Competition, The Hot Dishes Week, The Gastronomy Week, Rice Dishes Week, etc. Being a part of any of these will surely let you have a better experience of their cuisines.

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