Top 5 Beaches in Benidorm

What good would you have done to fly to a coastal city of Spain that is known for its lavish beaches and wildly exotic parties that happen over there? Unless you want to return back to your home with regrets or you have a spouse who is overly insecure of losing you to the tempting and overly charming locals you might find on the beaches, you have no reason for not spending a day on the beaches. If you are lucky with your timing, you might find parties that will fill your bones with the thrill of your youth right to the brim.

Poniente Beach (Playa de Poniente)

If you don’t prefer a huge crowd of people and want to enjoy a relaxing time on a beach with your family or friends, then Poniente would be your best choice as it tends to be lesser crowded than other beaches in Benidorm.  Keep heading towards the west of Levante to reach this vast beach of fine golden, spotless sand which is kept clean and has reckless waters for the swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.  A morning walk along the sands of this huge golden beach while the sun is rising is something that worth experiencing if you have a chance.  There are lots of hotels, cafes nearby the beach and commuting to other places from there is also quite convenient with the number of taxis and buses that could be found with every few steps.

Levante Beach (Playa de Levante)

A good time filled with fun, a huge crowd of people bathing under sunbeds, huge scope for youth socializing, and the most important – having real ‘fun’ alongside charming localities as well as tourists; if these are the things you are looking for on a beach then Levante is for you without a doubt. Known as the hub of fun, this beach has everything a teenager could ask for. The gradual slope of the beach makes it an easier to look out for children. You would also find some big colourful signboards that are visible from a distance to serve the purpose of meeting points for children and their parents. There are a number of water sports available if you seeking for some sports thrill such as jet skis, paragliding, scuba diving and more.

La Cala Finestrat

Three kilometres from Benidorm is the La Cala beach located in the village of Finestrat. This beach is rather less chosen for compared to Levante and Poniente but it is ideal children safety and for having a more private family time. The beach resort of Cala Finestrat is recommended for families and couples looking for facilities as well as some space from a busy crowded city. After spending time on the beach, one can go to look around the old village of Finestrat that hasn’t lost its Moorish sensation and experience the old Spain in its 13th-century castles and churches. Located three kilometres from Benidorm, you can easily be a part of the intoxicating nightlife that Spain offers along with having your own personal space in your hotel room in Finestrat.

Mal Pas Beach (Playa del Mal Pas)

Located on the peninsula of Alcudia, Mal Pas is a set two small, adjacent beaches that have clean white sand and clear, almost transparent blue water with some waves that are tall enough to be enjoyed while swimming but not enough for surfing or other wave related water sports. Accessing the beach by car is not suggested owing to fewer parking spaces around. Walking is your best option. Sant Pere beach is the first of the two you’d come across and easier to access too while Sant Joan can be troublesome to access especially for people with physical disabilities. But once you reach at either of the two beaches, you’d find all the amenities you’d. And the white sand along with clear blue water does make these two beaches worth a visit.

Tio Ximo Beach (Cala Tio Ximo)

The last beach on our list of recommended top beaches of Benidorm is the Cala Tio Ximo beach. This small remote beach which is just a mere 60 meters in length is where instead of sand and a huge crowd of people, you’d find pebbles and some lone time. Accessing this beach is difficult and use of a car to reach the place is advised. Owing to its seclusion and the attraction it offers to people who prefer being with nature, this beach is also called ‘Naturists Beach’. The rocky place that surrounds it adds to the isolating and reserved vibes the visitors get on the beach. It is a perfect place if scuba diving is on your list of criteria in choosing a beach as its water is clear and also offers amazing landscapes.

So, any traveller who’s still debating about this town for their next leisurely excursion should have no doubts that Benidorm, Spain will satisfy every wandering spirit your heart will every content with, and then some.

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