Benidorm in One Day Itinerary

If you want to use your camera phone to take a wide range of pictures, here’s some spots you won’t want to miss:

Old Town

Benidorm’s ‘Old Town’ which will have you walking beside this area’s antiquated blue-domed churches and cafes that leave you with a hint of decades gone by. This area’s cobbled and rustic streets will put you right in touch with Spain’s authentic cultural gifts.

El Balcon del Mediterraneo

‘El Balcon del Mediterraneo’, will have you marvelling at how its glacial rock formations divide two beaches while giving you a great view overlooking the Mediterranean sea.


‘Mundomar’ is a marine park joined with an adjacent water park called the ‘Aqualandia’. These venues are replete with performing dolphins, sea lions and penguins who regale audiences with feats of acrobatics that will amaze any super-jaded soul.

Placa del Castell

The ‘Placadel Castell’ will make you feel like you’re visiting an ivory castle on the shores of the Mediterranean, and will have you in awe of the breathtaking vistas surrounding this tropical paradise.

Tourist like yourself who might want to spend the majority of their time beach-side, will want to indulge themselves in this area:

Playa Levante Beach

Playa Levante Beach’ lies along the Benidorm coast and is the most popular beach on the island. Its crystal clear waters and multiple cafes will be a delight for any tourist to indulge in.

Playa Poniente Beach

Playa Poniente Beach’ lies along the other side of Benidorm and is just as spectacular as its neighbour.

Playa Del Mas Pas Beach

Playa Del Mas Pas Beach’ is located at the foot of a castle and has one of Benidorm’s most relaxing vistas.

Playa CalaTiXimo

Playa CalaTiXimo’ is no less picturesque, but it’s smaller and is a favourite spot of those wanting to sunbathe in the nude.

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