Benidorm Travel Guide

An extremely popular travelling destination for tourists looking for an amazing summer holiday filled with fun and never to forget memories, Benidorm is the ultimate travelling destination that serves over half a million tourists every year. Benidorm is a city best known for its crystal clear waters and glaring white sands that offer the best beach moments one can live anywhere in the world. Which is the reason why, during summers, the beaches are found to be coloured with the bright shades of beach umbrellas and beach mats that cover every inch of the scintillating stands shining in the bright sun? The six kilometres worth of beaches, among which Levante and Poniente are the most popular, are simply irresistible to visit.

Located at a distance of 41 kilometres from the city of Alicante, Benidorm is a holiday town on the coast of Costa Blanca, Spain. Benidorm offers not just fantastic beaches, it is also well known for the intoxicating nightlife, the beach resorts, hotels, scuba diving locations and the multitude of wonderful cafés and restaurants that line on the coast of the town. Choice of millions for the perfect holiday destination, Benidorm provides everything to its visitors that they ask for.

Founded by Admiral Bernat de Sarrià in 1245 as a small fishing town, the city is now better known for its booming hotel industry and beautiful beaches, all rated “Blue Flag”, the highest possible, by the Foundation for Environment Education. Its permanent population is relatively small, but year-round Benidorm is bustling with activity as tourists from across Europe and beyond discover its many attractions. If you’re travelling with the family, consider bringing the children to one of the city’s three theme parks, or if you’re looking for more of a cultural experience, visit the Old Town or travel just a half an hour or so inland to Andalusian wine country. Anywhere is accessible to you, since hourly trains connect Benidorm to the Valencian rail system, and from there to the rest of Spain and Europe. In addition, the city hosts hundreds of events throughout the year. If you’re a music lover, try attending the Indie Music or Benidorm International song festivals, and if you want to explore the nightlife you can treat yourself to a choice of dozens of free cabaret acts each evening. Benidorm has something to offer everyone, and given such a dazzling bevvy of events, you must be asking two things: how and when?

If you love warm rays of golden sunshine, translucent turquoise waters and a wide variety of nightlife activities, then you’ll love visiting Benidorm, Spain for your next vacation getaway. Benidorm is a leisurely holiday town nestled in the southern part of Costa Blanca, and for decades, tastemakers and travelers like yourself have made it a yearly destination. Four miles of playful beach area stone’s throw away from this town’s assortment of cafes, bars and restaurants catering to every cultural palate, and British holidaymakers especially describe the area’s intense nightlife as nothing less than addicting. You and your loved ones will have an unforgettable time in this Caribbean paradise.