Top 5 beaches in the City of Alicante

The Spanish refer to as the coast along Alicante the Costa Blanca (which in English means ‘white coast’). The Alicante coast is reputed to have 170 different beaches. Add to that the warm climate and the almost inevitable sunny days (an average of 300 sunny days a year), and you have a combination that makes beaches a major focus.

Postiguet Beach

The closest beach to the city is Postiguet Beach. It is within walking distance of the port and provides a great location for relaxing and enjoying the sun and the water. Postiguet beach is lined by the esplanade, providing a wonderful balance of beach and café life.

San Juan Beach

Within the city area, there are other beaches worth considering such as San Juan. It is a 7km long beach located just north of the city. It is one of the finest places for golfing enthusiasts in Spain and it boasts of having an 18-hole golf course. The backdrop looks lovely with residential properties and is also scattered with restaurants as well.

Albufereta Beach

The Albufereta is a secluded beach set in a cove. Heading towards the north from Postiguet, you’ll find the wide stretch of white sand. This beach is known to offer a slice of history to the city. It has been named after a small coastal lake that existed on this spot and included a harbor which served Lucentum, a Roman village that originated from this city.

Almadraba Beach

This pretty little beach bumps into the Playa de la Almadraba. It is a cozy place which is filled with locals and tourists for relaxation. It is also a good beach for water sports, and the gentle waters make it perfect for swimming.

Cabo del Huerta Beach

If you want a rugged coastline in this city, visit this beach. It hides three picturesque coves and has a difficult access. You might have to navigate a little, but coming here is going to be worth the visit. The nudists coves of Cala Palmera and Cala Cantelalares leave you spoilt for sure!

Heading south of the city you’ll find the wide stretch of white sand at El Saladar-Urbanova Beach.

North of Alicante, the beaches are nestled into the hilly landscape, and provide opportunities to have an isolated beach with very few others sharing it. As you head south from Alicante, the land is flatter, and the beaches are larger, with dunes, wetlands, and salt marshes. The beaches all have something in common… the crystal clear Mediterranean waters.

Scattered along the coast you’ll find a range of water sports options like kite surfing, jet skiing, scuba diving and sailing.  While you can enjoy the open spaces and uncrowned nature of the region, you’ll always find great places to eat and stay, with restaurants and hotels scattered along the coast.

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