Best Time to visit Alicante

Planning a Trip

If you’re going to make the effort to visit Alicante, make sure you allow enough time to enjoy all the experiences presented by the city and the region. If you think you’ll have a day or two when you visit, change your mind now. Make it three or four.  Or five.  There is so much to experience; you would not want to short change yourself.

The Best Time to Visit

There isn’t really a ‘best time to visit’ Alicante. The weather is mild in winter and hot in summer. It is almost always sunny and warm.  Even in January, the average day will be 17C. But if you’re planning to enjoy the beaches, you’ll want to visit between June and October, when the water is wonderfully warm.

Planning your trip around an event is always worthwhile, and Alicante has an ongoing choice of events to choose from. Some happen on an annual basis, while others happen less frequently. So if you’re looking for advice about when the best time is for you to visit Alicante, the answer is simple… it’s ‘whenever there’s something happening that meets your taste’. But if you’re into a really big event, October 2017 marks the launch of the next round of the Volvo Ocean Race. Before the race starts, there will be weeks of preparation for the teams, and in-shore racing to watch.

Tips to travel Alicante

  • When you come to a foreign city, you usually bring along some tiredness. But Alicante is such a city, where you just shouldn’t settle. If you reach here at eve, don’t have dinner and waste the night. Stroll through the roads as you’re going to find something interesting at every corner.
  • The bus system in the city is very easy to figure out and cordial to manage out and about. No matter how stressed out you are, travelling through the sound transport systems will keep you ticking.
  • The busy city is always around events and festivals. Check your calendar to know if you can be a part of any. It is an amazing way to discover the city’s culture and it also enhances your touring experience.

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