Alicante in One Day Itinerary

When visiting a new area, some people like to make their own way around and see the sites, while others like to take part in tours that provide guided experiences of the best that the local area has to offer. A range of tours is available for visitors to Alicante, providing the chance to see the city and the region.

If you want to see the city without wearing yourself out walking, try one of the Segway Tours. You can take the short (1 ½ hour) or king-size (3 hours) tour, exploring the city, the beach, and the parks, riding in the comfort of a Segway. The short tour covers the lower city, while the king-size tour includes a trip to the Castle of Santa Barbara. Later in the day, you can take the opportunity of a one-hour sunset Segway tour through the harbour district, or if you’re into a culinary experience, a 2 hour Segway and Tapas tour is offered. If riding on a Segway isn’t your style, then you can choose a motorised tour in an open-sided minibus.

For those who have a little more energy, walking and biking tours are available, covering the city area. It will take a little longer, as you’ll be going under your own steam, but you’ll have the chance to experience everything the downtown area has to offer. As with the Segway tours, you can choose between simple sightseeing, or culinary (tapas) walking tours. The biking tours provide you with a chance of seeing a little more, as naturally, they move more quickly.

So, for city tours, pick the option that suits you best. No matter which tour you choose, you’ll value the experience.

If you’re looking to go outside the old city limits, tours are also available. Some choices include a tour to Guadalest Valley (and Algar Springs); a Charming Villages tour to some remote villages in the region, or a Vineyard tour, taking in some of the best local wines.

If you’re looking for adventure, there are some choices for you, such as paragliding, kayaking and canyoning. Alicante is a coastal city, and the clear waters host a variety of marine life. Diving tours provide you with the chance to meet some of the marine life, face-to-face. And there are boating tours up and down the coast if that’s more your style.

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