How to get to Pamplona

How to get to Pamplona

Most travellers feel that taking a plane to Pamplona is the best. However, the city itself is small and doesn’t have a huge airport. Flying here is also expensive and complicated during the San Fermin Festival. If you specifically want to visit the event, then there are private services which offer transfer from any part of Spain to Pamplona! This is much better and convenient to reach the city, and it also brews in the excitement for the festival.

The airport of Pamplona is 6km downtown and falls under the village of Naoin. At present, the best way to get to the town is by a taxi, or by hiring a private transfer service. Beside this airport, the nearest airports are Vitoria – 101 km away, Biarritz – 128 km away, Bilbao – 170 km away, Zaragoza – 172 km away, Madrid – 407 km away and Barcelona – 437 km away. If you are travelling through Spain, these areas can come under consideration and you can get to Pamplona through buses and trains from these places.

The Pamplona station is situated in San Jorge. The city provides a sound railway system with the newly inaugurated speedy trains. You have three options to get to the old town of Pamplona from the station, and those are by a taxi, by a bus or by the luxurious transfer service.

There is a new bus station located in the middle of the city. Several companies have regular bus services to connect Pamplona with Madrid, Bilbao, Vitoria, Zaragoza, Biarritz and San Sebastian. You can walk to your hotel if it is located in the centre as well, or take another bus which transports within the city.

If you love to walk through the tourist’s spot, this city is a blessing. Try to book a hotel in the Old Town so that you can walk through the areas around. If your hotel accommodation is outside the centre, then opt for a taxi to take you through the desired areas. None-the-less, try and spare half of a day to walk through the top attraction in the old town.

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