Top Spanish Foods to Try in Pamplona

Pamplona’s Gastronomy

Basque food has its own culinary treasures to offer. They have a blend of the coastal and the inland tastes, which are divided between the traditional recipes with the newer developments. Just because there is a combination of Mediterranean and French cultures, the typical recipes reflect the mixture. Basque food relies on fresh veggies, lean meat, and fishes. They are famous for being healthy, natural and of good quality.

Pamplona gets an exposure to both saltwater and freshwater so there are a variety of fishes you can choose from. These are mountains which graze cattle, and thus, you get to have top quality cheese and meat as well. Fruits like peaches and pears and vegetables like red pepper, asparagus, beans, artichokes, and mushrooms are grown locally. Thus, they have freshness and quality assured.

If you are a real foodie, you should try out ‘txikiteo’ . This is a custom of sampling traditional food items and is done by hopping from one eatery/bar to another. Pamplona is known for their tasty tapas, so that should surely be one of the things you try. La Navarrería is the oldest part of the city, where you get the best sampling to do!

Foods to Try in Pamplona:

Keep these dishes in mind as they are the specialty of this area:

  • Marmitako – a stew which includes tuna, onion, tomatoes, potatoes and pepper.
  • Ajoarriero – cod fish in oil enhanced with tasty red pepper.
  • Leche frita – a type of curd for dessert made of sugar, milk and four.
  • Txistorra – cured sausage made of minced pork.
  • Migas de pastor – ham added with fried breadcrumbs.
  • Pacharán – the best liquor to be consumed after dinner, it’s very common to both the Navarre and Basque regions.
  • Chuletón – a preparation of steak.
  • Choose dishes which include beans.
  • Choose stews made of meat or fish.
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