Planning a Trip to Pamplona

The climate in the city is semi-continental due to the oceanic influences. The precipitation pattern doesn’t make a huge difference throughout. It can be summed up to possess the Mediterranean climatic condition. The summers are drier than usual, but usually tolerable for travel.

Running of the Bulls

The event of ‘Running of the Bulls’ in the Feria of San Fermin happens between 7th and 14th of July, and most people try to mould their vacation dates according to that. The tourist’s spots will serve you the same, all through the year, but this special attraction flocks in with visitors from all around the world. At this time, the temperature hits around 35 degree Celsius and the area stays very dry. At some odd occasions, there can be summer thunderstorms which break the heat and make the weather conditions unpredictable. Make sure you always have sunscreen applied, but you might need to carry umbrellas and wear waterproof shoes as well!

If you plan to visit the city during the winter months, the area remains cool, although the temperatures sometimes dip down to 4-5 degree Celsius. You have to make sure of wearing layers of clothes which might increase from two to three as the sun sets! Spring and fall are two favourable times when the city delivers the apt weather to tour through. However, you will miss out on summer festivities and winter cuddles. It is the best time for people who appreciate solitude and like to break free from the crowd.

Tips to travel through Pamplona:

  • It is important to plan ahead of time than to visit the place and think about where to go and where not to. Make a schedule and try to be as economical as possible. The lesser you spend at one place, the more you can travel to the other places.
  • There are numerous festivals which happen all through Spain. The months of festivities start from January and stay up to the mid of July. Select the events and carnivals you would be present for, and don’t miss out on them.
  • Take a travel buddy who would be as enthusiastic as you are. Trips are fun when you want to travel with someone who likes to tour. Make sure that he is interested to see the medieval side of the city, the architectural grandeur it offers and of course likes festivals like San Fermin.
  • If it’s more like a weekend getaway to the city, you might need some more time for the tourist’s spots. Pamplona has a lot of offer and even an extra day would serve you much more than just a relaxing stay.
  • Touring in the city is cheaper before April, so if you have a small budget, you should select the month carefully. A hostel room which you get for 8€ in February hikes up to 25€ by May.
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