Pamplona in One Day Itinerary

Pamplona is privileged to have a beautiful geographical situation which has varieties of landscape and fertile valleys. From the freshwater rivers to the nearest sea, you get to choose a lot of places you’d want to visit. Planning a day tour would be quite difficult as you’d have to reduce seeing through numerous sights you could have. It is better to opt for places which have no near significance to other parts of Spain. This way you get the most of the exclusivity.

When you have just one day to tour Pamplona, it is advisable to get a personal guide who can take you through the best highlights of the city for the first half of the day, while the rest you decide for yourself.  You should be taken to the streets to walk through, and then vividly explained about the architecture and urban developments of the city. There are also free walking tours available in Pamplona where the tour guide just works off tips.  They usually form small groups of less than 10 people by the City Hall. The walking tour usually lasts up to 2 hours.

The most important places in the Old Town that you should be suggested would include Plaza del Castillo, and there should be at least one café you sip a coffee through. Get to the Plaza de Toros bullfight and then walk through the Estafeta Street, which overlooks the 15th-century Cathedral. You can then enjoy the views from the top of the city walls located behind the Cathedral at the Baluarte de Redin. Follow the Street of Pilgrims thereafter or get to the City Hall. After you’re tired seeing the sites, get to some fashionable ambience to enjoy the nightlife. Places like Avenida de Bayona will provide you cafeterias, English pubs, all types of classic and jazz, traditional bars and of course friendly locals.

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