Top Things To do in Melilla

Melilla – Beyond the borders of history…a hidden Spanish secret unveiled…

Melilla – a Spanish city located on the North Coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco. It is inhabited by Spaniards, Riffian Berbers, Sephardic Jews and Hindus, with Spanish and Riffian Berber being the most spoken languages. It’s about seven square miles of beautiful architecture, history and coastal beauty like nowhere on Earth. With three huge security fences, Melilla feels like the safest place to be. For such a small city, the waterfront is HUGE! The architecture is historically enchanting with its Spanish feel of eloquence and beauty.

Things to do in Melilla

Ciudad Vieja

This is an old town with a fortress of NOTE! You must visit this if you come to Melilla. The history and culture is evident in how many small museums you find here. The sea is so blue against the stone buildings and if you can find a spot up high; the views are breathtaking.

Hernandez Park

Photographers Heaven! This is a large park, BANG in the middle of Melilla. The trees, plants and fountains are decorated with the flurry of little butterflies and it is so relaxing just to take in the tranquillity of crafted nature in such a dry climate. Plus, it is lit up at night, which is really pretty.

Triangulo de Oro del Modernismo

Modernista Architecture Paradise. Check out the buildings facing the Plaza Espana! You cannot explain how well preserved some of the buildings are.

Las Cuevas del Conventico

The history, alone, is what makes this a beautiful place to visit. The guided visits around here are FREE and if go down to the Cove , you understand how secure the defences were.

Plaza de Espana

This seafront focus point, has this huge round-about, with palm trees, gardens and a lit up the fountain. You will pass through this point a lot if you are staying in Melilla and it feels perfect each time.

Fundacion Gaselec

Dinosaurs! Life size Huge Dinosaurs! This is an incredible dinosaur exhibition not to miss.

Sinagoga or Zaruah o Yamin Benarroch

What an interesting mix of architecture this synagogue offers. The wooden carpentry inside is intricate and lavish and the tall stained glass windows reflect geometric patterns throughout.

Ruta Modernista en Melilla

A brilliant place to view Modernista architecture and town folk, intermingling in a city culture of mixed heritage.


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