Melilla Travel Guide


Melilla is situated on the northern coast of Morocco, this is another autonomous region like Ceuta. Despite several attempts, it has been declared independent, but still holds onto the essence of Spanish culture. The ingrained culture is best reflected through their infrastructures and the environment around it.

Touring the region of Melilla has to be because of their cultural diversity, stunning beaches, and for exploring how the old meets the new. The locals are familiar with Spanish, French and the African language of Tarifit – this is the first thing to prove their cultural diversity. The three predominant religions here are Judaism, Islam and Christianity. You might come across some Hindu communities as well. The multiculturalism in the region is also reflected through their delicious cuisines. They have a fusion of African, Spanish and Mediterranean flavours, and of course a slight touch of Indian too. You will get some typical tapas and paellas, along with Middle Eastern lamb kebabs and Indian samosas!

The beaches at Melilla are spectacular with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. It is perfect to bask under the scorching sun and relax, as you watch people get indulged into the water sports. The underwater zone is rich in marine life.

If you want to see the old meeting the new, get to Ciudad Vieja. This is the old town of the region and features fascinating colonial architecture. You also see some lovely Gothic style infrastructures here. Things to not miss out on in the old city are, Capilla de Santiago near the walls of the city and Museo de Arqueologia e Historia de Melilla. The museum homes archaeological findings like Phoenician and Roman ceramics and are the best attractions in here.

As you move west towards the old town, you will see the new town of Melilla. It was properly constructed in the beginning of this century. It features lovely infrastructures of Modernist and Art Deco architecture. There are over 900 Art Deco along with Modernist buildings all over Spain, and Melilla ranks just after Barcelona, to have the most number of Modernist buildings!