Events and Festivals in Madrid

San Isidro (15th May):

This festival which takes place in honour of San Isidro is a unique chance to see the typical and traditional side of Madrid. The locals dress up in traditional costumes and enjoy themselves to the music played. People dance in the regional dance form of ‘chotis’, and have specific meals which are related to honouring the saint. This occasion also marks the event of the prestigious bullfighting festival.

Fiesta De La Virgen de La Almudena (9th November):

This is a religious festival honouring the Virgen de la Almudena. All the inhabitants of the city try to make it to the image of the Our Lady of Almudena. It is a small wooden carving of Our Lady which holds the Child, and the people come here to pay homage and perform religious acts. There are several floral tributes made and silent prayers felt. The main mass which is held in the cathedral at 11 a.m. is what everybody tries to attend on this day. Most locals also like to wear traditional dresses and celebrate with their families.

Dos de mayo (2nd May):

On this day, in the year 1808, the locals of Madrid revolted against Joseph Bonaparte, the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. This initiated the 6 year War of Independence along with the concept of Spain being delineated by the first constitution of the country. Every year on this day, the city celebrates the movement towards independence and freedom.

San Lorenzo, San Cayetano & La Paloma (August):

A lot of people want to escape the warmth of the city during august, but the people who stay back get to enjoy outdoor fairs, food at the bars and concerts. It starts with the neighbourhood festivals of San Cayetano which takes place at El Rastro (flea market in Madrid) and then San Lorenzo in Lavapiés. While these two events are about food, fairs and exhibitions, La Paloma celebrates the Virgen’s Assumption on 15th of August. This is similar to the festival of San Isidro.

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