Best Time To visit Madrid

Best Time To visit Madrid

For those of you who like hot dry weather then summer is a good time to plan your trip. Madrid is hot and dry with temperatures in July and August reaching as high as 35°C to 40°C (95°F to 105°F) .  Although you may be tempted by off-season rates, remember the locals are usually on their annual holidays on the coast or up in the surrounding mountains and so many of the restaurants, bars and shops are closed.

Winter is on the chilly side as temperatures are known to dip into the 0°C or even lower in January and February, but you are not likely to experience snow in the city.

The most popular time to visit is in the spring and especially May as that is when the city honours its patron saint.  The weather can also be counted on to be pleasant from September through to December.

If fiestas and celebrations are on your menu then you should plan your trip between the middle of May through to early June as it then that all the pop concerts, poetry readings, flamenco and world renowned company performances of ballet and theatre are to be enjoyed.

Tips to tour Madrid:

  • Madrid has an amazing subway system and is easy to navigate. Walking out and about the sights is preferable unless you head towards the main part of the city. There are numerous buses running at all times to serve you.
  • Mealtimes are different in the city. People have very light breakfast which might include a croissant with ham and cheese, a cup of coffee or juice and a pastry. The lunch is the biggest meal and the restaurants are full between 2 to 5pm. They mostly remain empty till 9, after which people head back for dinner.
  • The hotels’ rooms are smaller than you think. While you book, you must make sure about all the amenities they’d offer, and also try to know how big the rooms are.
  • When you get to the historic centre for going through the main sites, take some time to walk and shop around too. You’d love to take back the essences of Spain from its capital city.
  • Try to have cash for small transactions as every establishment doesn’t accept cards.
  • Tipping is not mandatory in Madrid, be it taxi drivers or restaurant staff. The general rule is to be charged to the nearest roundup value.
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