Top 10 Things to do in Logroño

Calle del Laurel (Laurel Street)

eating tapas in calle del laurel in logrono
Portales street in Old Town Logrono, next to Calle del Laurel

Located just blocks from the centre of the city, Calle del Laurel is a food lovers dream. This street is home to over 50 taperias, all offering the city’s famed pinchos. The bars and restaurants here are small, but the huge variety makes Calle del Laurel a crowded place. Other great streets, filled with pinchos bars, include Calle San Juan and Travesia de Laurel.

Some of the top spots on the Calle del Laurel to grab pinchos include Bar Jubera, which offers patatas bravas, a dish that utilizes fried potatoes, layered with aioli sauce and light dripping of tomato sauce, served on a skewer, with bread.

Bar Soriano is a can’t miss a spot, due to its famous stacked mushrooms. The mushrooms are grilled and then stacked in threes on top of bread. To complete the dish, the mushrooms are covered in olive oil, fried and then skewered with a piece of shrimp to top off the dish.

The restaurants and bars in this part of town all offer something different, and you can basically get any type of pinchos you want to be paired with a delicious glass of wine for just a couple of euros. Even if you don’t speak Spanish, ordering isn’t too difficult as each pinchos has a specific name.

As the Rioja Region is a destination for wine lovers, the area offers many tours that are an excellent way to spend the day. Some of these tours are group based, while others are private. There are several tours based out of Logroño for guests to choose from, the top rated of which is Jornada enoturismo Riojatrek. This company has tours that leave the city via van and take guests out to the wineries of Logrono. Tour guides give an in-depth overview of how wine is produced, and guests get to see the grapes up close and personal. From there guests will get to experience wine cellars, seeing aging wine still in its barrels. Certain tours enhance the experience for guests by allowing them to have a glass of wine, straight out of an ageing barrel.

Group tours not your thing? No worries, Logroño has several wineries within city limits, one of the most popular of which is Bodegas Franco Espanolas.

Bodegas Franco Espanolas

best winery in Logrono
Franco Espanolas winery

The winery is located in a central location, just across the Ebro river on the northern side of the city. The winery gets its name (which translates to “French, Spanish Winery”) from the 19th century Rioja invasion of French wine producers.Tours of the facilities are available in English, and they offer an in-depth look into the production of wine.

Bodegas Marques de Murrieta

best winery in Logrono
Marques de Murrieta Winery

Another popular winery in Logroño is Bodegas Marques de Murrieta. Known as one of the most famous Bodegas in the Rioja region, Bodegas Marques de Murrieta has been producing wine since the mid19th century. Located on the property is the beautiful Castle of Murrieta. The castle was originally where the wine was produced, but has since been converted into a museum that details that vineyards history. A trip to the winery can be considered a three part trip, as you will get to tour the castle, tour the vineyards and have some tastings of the wines produced there.

Bodegas Olarra

best wineries to visit in Logrono
Olarra Winery

Bodegas Olarra is a winery located to the northeast of the centre portion of Logrono. This winery is a popular destination among those who visit the area. Guests to the winery will find a modern, Y-shaped building. The building won an award in 2011, for Best of Wine Tourism due to its architecture and grounds. The can’t miss spots of this winery include its domes which house the ageing wine. In total, there are 111 domes, which give the property its nickname “ Cathedral of Rioja”. Bodegas Olarra has over 27,000 barrels of ageing wine.

Concatedral de Santa Maria de la Redonda

top attractions in Logrono, La Rioja
Concatedral de Santa Maria de la Redonda

With so many great wineries and food options in the area, it’s easy to forget that the city has some great museums and beautiful churches to see as well. There are many beautiful churches in the city including the Iglesia de Santiago el Real and Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Redonda.

These churches are can’t miss spots due to their architectural style built into their designs. High towers, with baroque-stye design on the exterior, give way to gorgeous interiors filled with old woodwork, stonework, murals and more. The ceilings are tall, with artwork and finishings beginning at floor level, running all the way up to the ceiling. Most of the churches in the city can be toured.

La Rioja Museum (Museo de la Rioja)

museums to visit in logrono
Museum of La Rioja

Looking for a historical fix? Logroño offers several museums based around the city. Museo de la Rioja gives visitors an in-depth look at the old town of Logrono. While small, it is located near the centre part of the city and is near many major sites. The museum is presented in Spanish, with many artefacts to check out from the cities past.

El Cubo del Revellín offers a museum inside of its old ruins. The structure alone is worth seeing, as it was built in ancient times and has designs you simply can’t see in too many places. Admission to the museum is free and provides an in-depth look at the city and the regions past.

Centro de la Cultura del Rioja

wine museum of La Rioja
Centro de La Cultura del Rioja

Finally, Logroño has a wine museum that is a great place to learn more about the wine making process. Centro de la Cultura del Rioja, or the culture centre, offers an in-depth look at the wine production process. The centre offers hands-on experiences such as quizzes which test you on the type of wine you’re shown, and where it is from. The museum is complete with a bar, and at the end of the tour, you get a free glass.

Iglesia de San Bartolome

One of Logroño’s oldest churches, Iglesia de San Bartolome is a 12th-century church that features a mix of architectural styles, such as romanesque and gothic style architecture.The church saw construction begin in the 12th century, and was slowly built. While it’s magnificent for its architecture, the church has a rich story to tell. In the 15th century, the building was severely damaged by artillery while Logroño was fighting off the French Army and it would later see use during the 19th century as a warehouse for wood, coal and art.

Iglesia de Santa Maria de Palacio

top monuments to visit in Logrono
Iglesia de Santa Maria de Palacio

Located in the old town portion of Logroño,  the Church of Santa Maria de Palacio was founded in the 11th century. The building saw renovations in the 16th century and was rebuilt just two centuries later. In 1943, it was declared an important heritage site for the Spanish people. The building features a tower and  the main building with a far-reaching steeple that can be seen from everywhere.

Puente de Piedra

top things to see in Logrono Puente de Piedra
Puente de Piedra

Puente de Piedra is an important bridge that represents the city of Logroño. The stone bridge has seven arches and is almost 200 meters long. Today’s bridge was built in 1884 after a flood destroyed the prior one in 1871. As previously stated, the bridge represents the city and can be found on the city’s Coat of Arms, and the city’s flag.  The bridge is lit up at night and is a great place for a walk.

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