Public Holidays and Festivals in Logroño

Actual Festival (First week of January)

Since 1991, Logroño has been celebrating this festival which specifies on music, film, and arts. It takes place just after New Year, depending on the weekends. The festival usually hosts several bands and spans for several days. A lot of art pieces are inaugurated on this occasion too. It upholds the culture of the city and extends the New Year celebrations for visitors and locals.

Festival de San Bernabe (June 11)

The city hosts Festival de San Bernabe on the 11th of June every year, and it celebrates the victory against French in the 16th century. The event is believed somewhat between myth and reality. Traditionally, the inhabitants of the city who managed to survive through the wars used to live on wine from the cellars, bread made with wheat stored in the granaries, and fishes they secretly caught. The celebrations recall those times and how they got victorious. It also merges with the occasion of honouring their patron saint, St. Barnabas. The entire city becomes joyful and dresses up to rewind back to old times. There are historical performances done by locals and most of them wear period-style clothing.

San Mateo Festival (September 21)

This happens to be the most important event in Logrono and the city goes all out to celebrate it. It is the most significant wine festival and takes place on the 21st of September every year. The town is decked up in colours and lights, and everyone is in a mood to celebrate. Wine and grapes are the centres of attraction and there are many activities to do. People indulge in traditional foot-crushing of grapes and the first bit is offered to Virgen de Valvanera. The day continues with numerous events like bull-running, parades of floats, musical performances, a sampling of popular meals, etc. As the night falls, you will witness numerous fireworks lighting up the city. Planning a trip according to this event would surely brighten up your tour.

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