The Best Time to Visit Logroño

When to travel to Logrono

You need to know the favourable time for visits when you’re planning a trip to Logroño. The weather in this city is best during their summer months, which fall from late June to late September. The weather differs from 12 degree Celsius to 29 degree Celsius and makes it favourable for touring through. The maximum temperature that you can expect would be 35 degrees C. Winters are Logroño is from November to February, and the temperature can vary from 2 degree Celsius to 13 degree Celsius. Some extreme times go below zero degrees and make it unfavourable for going out and about. Monsoons hit during April and stay until early June. The city has well-distributed precipitations all through the year, but the rains during these months are pretty high.  The optimal weather will be in the summer months from April through September.

Tips on travel to Logrono

  • Tips to travel Logroño has to include a must visit to a winery. Most of the wineries offer multiple tours a day, finding a tour in English is the challenging part. Several of the wineries offer tours, but they are limited to only a couple of trips each day. Not all wineries provide tours, so you will want to plan ahead as to which tours will be right for you.
  • A great way to experience the city’s food scene is through a pinchos crawl. Similar to a pub crawl, this involves going to several taperias and enjoying the pinchos. These are popular in Logroño and are often done in groups in the afternoon and evening hours. The best place to experience this is of course at Calle del Laurel.
  • Logroño is not a well-known city for a tour, especially because it is surrounded by popular cities. On the other hand, it gives an off-beat feel for people who take the chance of coming here. You walk around towns where you have lesser tourists along, and people are more attentive and helpful. After solitude, relaxation, and food, what you’d like here is the cost. The city is cheaper compared to the places around. You’d get pinchos and a glass of wine for €2.5 lesser than other cities, and a full course meal will be within €15.
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