Logroño Travel Guide

Logroño Travel guide


Logroño is Famous for its wines, the Rioja region of Spain offers wine connoisseurs around the world a place to come, see Spain and indulge in delicious wines. There are over 60,000 hectares of vineyards in this region, comprising over 600 wineries. At the heart of it all is Logrono, the capital of Rioja and the centre of the region’s wine industry.

The Capital city embraces its wine side, hosting festivals and events that celebrate the delicious grape drink. Logroño may be located in one of the best wine regions in Spain, but its gastronomic scene is highly regarded as one of the top reasons to make the trip to the city.

In 2012, the city was voted the Gastronomic Capital of Spain. The city is known for its pinchos, a type of tapas that usually involves bread and a variety of foods on a skewer. Pinchos are so popular here, that you can find over 50 taperias within a three to four block area, towards the centre part of the city. Going out for pinchos is a social event, as the streets are narrow and the bars are close.

While it is a large city, Logroño manages to avoid the mass tourism that other major Spanish cities tend to draw. This is due, in large part, to the fact that tourists simply haven’t heard of it.

Logroño is a hidden gem. From its small quarters, with narrow walkways that are lined with shops and restaurants to the beautiful architectural designs in buildings and churches that you see all across Spain, Logroño has it all.

The Best Time to Visit Logroño

When to travel to Logrono You need to know the favourable time for visits when you’re planning a trip to Logroño. The weather in this city is best during their summer months, which fall from late June to late September....

How to get to Logroño

Logroño By Air Air Travel: The city is served by Logroño-Agoncillo Airport, which you can get to by flying to Madrid, and then to Logroño. Madrid is the only city that offers direct flight to Logroño -Agnocillo Airport. The airport...

Top 10 Things to do in Logroño

Calle del Laurel (Laurel Street) [caption id="attachment_5357" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Portales street in Old Town Logrono, next to Calle del Laurel[/caption] Located just blocks from the centre of the city, Calle del Laurel is a food lovers dream. This street is...

Logroño in One Day Itinerary

Logroño in One Day The itinerary for Logroño has to include a winery visit. To make sure you don’t waste much time here, have your winery trip booked in advanced. You also need to plan your tour according to the...

Top spainish Foods try in Logroño

Logroños' gastronomy The food gastronomy in Logroño is all about pinchos (also written as Pintxos in the Basque language). Pinchos can basically have anything on them, so when visiting the area make sure to try and get a good mix of...