Top Spanish Foods to Try in Vigo

Foods to Try in Vigo

The best thing about Vigo is that it is a haven of seafood such as oysters. What is more captivating about this city is that the locals are very friendly and helpful in finding the best mouth-watering cuisines to sample when in the city. The Oyster street is particularly full of life with local musicians playing relaxing music on the street, crockery tinkle, ever-busy cafes and loud humming conversations all of which create an illusion of a busy marketplace.

  • One of the typical dishes to enjoy in this city is Empanada Gallega. This is prepared with wheat flour, water, and lard. It is then added with ingredients like sardines, octopus, cod, pork/rabbit and mussels.
  • Try out churrasco which is a traditional recipe of grilled meat. It is made with pork or Galician veal.
  • Pulpo a la Gallega is another dish to try. This includes octopus and is cooked in a copper pot and chopped in cubes. They authentically serve you on a wooden plate and add olive oil, sea salt, and paprika on top.
  • You could also try having cuttlefish in ink sauce. It is another delicacy at Vigo which lets the fish get overly fried and then is topped with white wine.
  • People who love meat over marine ingredients should try Lacon con Grelos. This is prepared with ham and includes boiled potatoes, turnips, sausages and bacon along with it.
  • Vigo is known for their range of beverages and wine is, of course, the star! Try out wines under Rias Baixas.
  • End your feast at Vigo by consuming the traditional dessert Bica. It is a cupcake made with sugar and egg and is topped with a touch of cinnamon. Local people usually like to have it with mulled wine or coffee liqueur.
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