Top 5 beaches in Vigo

Vao Beach / Playa del Vao

Vao Beach Playa del Vao Vigo Best beaches
Vao Is the Best beach in Vigo

One of the top beaches at Vigo is Vao, with 150ft of sand. Youngsters love to come here and indulge into beach and water activities. The beach teaches you windsurfing and lets you go out on a sail. The beach has fine sands which are favourable both in summers and winters. The seafront lets you walk along the beach if you want to spend some quality time with your partner. The beach also links a private island called Toralla and it has a free access to anyone. This is located next to the Mirambell Estate if you want to go there directly. You can also visit the Roman Villa of Toralla here, which is a famous archaeological site.

Samil Beach / Praia de Samil

samil beach vigo

This top beach at Vigo is famous for bringing in families. This is the largest in the city and is more than half a mile, with a width of 50ft. Couples with small children, love to come here as it is full of services and has space. The beach stays lively all year round, especially as it has three pools, skating rink, basketball courts, free parking space, green areas, and is also lined with eating joints. The beach comes to life as soon as the sun rises and brings in crowds till late night. It is located very close to the centre of the city, which is why getting here is pretty easy. Try to visit the Verbum Museum when you’re in this area.

Argazada Beach

Argazada Beach vigo
Argazada Beach 

You have to get to this beach through Avenida de Samil. This beach is about 410m long and 20m wide. It is a small beach which can be gotten to for some quiet time. It is still filled with beach football services if you’d like some sports. Take out some time to try the local cuisine at a restaurant by the beach.

Tombo do Gato Beach/La Fuente Beach

Tombo do Gato Beach La Fuente Beach vigo

This is probably the small beach of 180m in length and 25m wide. You reach here through the Avenida de Samil. There are ramps and stairs on both ends, to get you to the seafront. There are showers, parking facilities, public services, kiosks, etc. You also get a fountain to bathe under.

Punta Beach

Punta Beach vigo sidsnet

This is another famous beach at Vigo and makes up the coast of Teis. It looks marvellous during low tides and has been recorded for its beauty, centuries ago. Walking through the sand during low rides gives you a lovely exposure around the sea. You get to see the shellfishes through the transparent waters as well. An interesting option here is to hike up the mountain at the backdrop. It gives spectacular views over the estuary.

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