Holidays and Festivals in Vigo

The events and festivals in Vigo are fewer as compared to those in other Spanish cities. This is because Vigo is a newer and more recent city and as such does not have many historical festivals. Most of the festival in Vigo are in the summer months of July and August. Some of the notable fiestas in Vigo include:

El Dia de la Reconquista (March 28)

This festival commemorates the recapture of Vigo from Napoleon on March 28, 1809. The festival is celebrated annually on the 28th March of every year. Local re-enact the conquest and the festival is held in Casco Vello.

Vigo International Jazz Fiesta (First week of July)

This festival was originally organised to address the growing demand and need for jazz music in Vigo. The festival also brings new trends in jazz music to Vigo from across Europe as well as from the world beyond. In addition to this, the festival also aims to reflect the present situation of jazz music in Vigo and the larger Galicia region.  The festival is held in different venues around the city such as Theatre-Concert Hall, Town Hall, Pub Quomo, Café Manteca Club, and Verbum Jazz as well as other joints around the city.

Vigofolcelta Fiesta (July 13-19)

From 13th to the 19th of July every year, Vigo celebrates this Celtic festival. The old town is temporarily decorated like the medieval times and the people are dressed up to suit the ambience! It includes performances, activities and lots of traditional cuisines to sample.

Voices of Vigo festival (July 24)

This is a music festival which usually takes place on the 24th of July. There are several vocal and musical performances which are held on this day, and it attracts people from all around the country.

Semana Grande (First Sunday of August)

This is held on the first Sunday of August and is a festival to honour their patron saint.

Festival Aereo Vigo

This annual event is held every year around July-August. The show is held on the beach and an amazing atmosphere is created by the event organisers to make the show more appealing and attractive to both tourists and the locals. This festival is frequented by a record-breaking spectator and fans of over 200,000 people. The show is commonly held on Small beaches overlooking Cies Islands.

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