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City of Vigo

Vigo is the largest and most populated city in the Galicia Region. There are approximately 300,000 people living in Vigo currently. With the inclusion of the greater Vigo municipality, the population of the Vigo is approximately half a million. What’s amazing to note about the city is that despite its economic status and set-up, it is not the regional/provincial capital of Galicia. The strategic location of the city along the shores of Atlantic has been very crucial in the expansion of the city.

vigo travel guide

The city boarders Redondela Municipality to the north, Mos Municipality to the East, and O Porrino and Gondomar municipalities to the South. Despite its vastness, the city is mostly very clean and well organised, thereby making it a favourite destination for tourists. Additionally, the city’s blend of ancient history, a cosmopolitan look, and beautiful beaches make it a tourist haven.

Vigo is well known and popular in Spain as well as across Europe for its amazing landscapes, architecture, and its large hub of industries and innovation centres in the Galicia region.  The beautiful granite buildings in the city are internationally recognised due to their contemporary designs and exclusivity.  Even though modern architecture has emerged and is rapidly spreading across Vigo, ancient architecture has not been overshadowed and still remains a key identity aspect of the city.

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Generally, Vigo is endowed with many contrasts from its estuary, natural scenery, and sandy beaches. The city’s shopping streets provide an excellent opportunity for tourists and other visitors to the city to enjoy a shopping stroll through the city. Vigo nightlife is one of a kind with the magical light and shadows that fill up the streets combined with soothing music from the various entertainment joints in the city. The best thing about the city’s nightlife is that it brings out a new shade of colour that breathes life and excitement to each corner of the city.

Typically, Vigo is a city that is always awake; never sleeps. During the day, you can enjoy a leisure walk through the park, the zoo, museums, watch movies in the theatre, attend concerts and fashion shows. In the evening, you can step into the pubs and discos around the city and you can be guaranteed to have the best time of your life.  It is worth noting that fashion is a solid and well-established aspect of the Galician economy.

Incase you are a group of working tourists; you can hold conferences and meetings in the Congress and Auditorium in the city. The best thing about this facility is that it is located in a privileged location at the front side of the ship building thereby giving visitors spectacular views of the surrounding natural environment including the river.

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