Santiago de Compostela in One Day Itinerary

Thousands of people come here every year, and the main site they want to see is the Cathedral. It is the ultimate destination while they are on the ‘Way of Saint James’. When you have one day in the city, and you only want to concentrate on the main site it offers, you need to make sure that you can blend in the beauty of the atmosphere, the lively behavior of the people and also the monumental works of art. So, sample some traditional goodies and stroll through the serene gardens as well. Let us help you plan the perfect day trip so that you can make the most of your visit.

Start your tour at Cathedral of Santiago Apostol between 9 to 10 a.m. Go through the main door from the Plaza del Obradoiro square, as you get to see pilgrims coming over from all over the world. If you are here in a group, get to the Visitor Reception Center for paying the entry fee.

The first thing you will get to see is the Gloria doorway. Follow the traditional route to reach the crypt, and you will see the remains of the Apostle. Walk up to the Main Altar for embracing the statue of Santiago, and also get different angular views of the Cathedral from here. Walk through the ambulatory to see the Holy Door which is opened on Holy Years.

After you have spent around an hour in the part, get to the Cathedral roofs between 10 to 10:45 a.m. Opting for a guide would be perfect as they would take you to the very top of the building. This will let you take the glimpse of historic center from that height. After this, you make way for the Museum that is located to the side of the Cathedral. This takes you through the interior of Gelmírez Palace, after the Cathedral gallery located above the Gloria doorway.

It is time to get to the Church of San Martin Pinario anytime between 11 to 11:45 a.m. As you go through the Azabachería door, behind the Cathedral, you reach the Plaza de la Inmaculada square. The church is located here and it features notable architecture, which has old and restored walnut choir from Cathedral.

Come back to the Cathedral by midday for the Pilgrims’ Mass. This is celebrated every day, and there is an extension for people, who have walked through the entire Way of Saint James. The Holy Years are when the 25th of July falls on a Sunday. The visitors get to see the famous Botafumeiro event, and that brightens their heart up. If you are lucky to tour this city on a Holy Year, make sure you are here during the festival.

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