Holidays and Festivals in Santiago de Compostela

Feast of Saint James (25th July)

The most significant festival of Santiago de Compostela takes place on 25th July, every year. It is the feast day in honour of Apostle St. James. On this day, the locals and tourists walk along the El Camino de Santiago. There are also people who walk through the entire 1,000-kilometer journey, covering it within a span of one month, starting from this date. They wear traditional clothes which are typical for the pilgrim and accompany crooked pilgrim’s staffs, which are topped with clam shells. People, who don’t walk the path, choose to come to the Plaza del Obradoiro to hail the remains of St. James. The festival lasts for a week and is followed by parties, dances, and fireworks.

Semana Santa (March)

The celebration of Easter or Semana Santa is greatly celebrated in Santiago. The city holds a huge fest which includes lovely fireworks and parades. There are amazing stalls set up for sharing the best of traditional cuisine and Easter special delicacies.

Feria del Ganado

Feria del Ganado which takes place in ‘recinto ferial de Amio’ is another event which honours the Celtic roots of Galicia. There is lovely Celtic music played and danced to. The Galician cuisines can be best explored at this time. They heavily feature fishes, shellfishes, and crustaceans. Some regional dishes have the best of queixo de tetilla (cheese), octopus, meat or fish empanadas and Ribeiro wine. You might also be lucky to taste the loveliest soup of Caldo Gallego. It is made with big crabs and is most craved at this time.

International Film Festival (October)

This event in Santiago takes place every October, and marks the time for ‘Curtocircuito’. This is a short film competition which features in seven different categories and attracts entrants all over the world. The winners are awarded for international animated film, best fiction, best documentary short film and best Explora short film. There is some specific competition between Galicia and other parts of Spain. It gives the visitors a chance to witness several short films within a small span of time.

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