Best Time To visit Santiago de Compostela

People planning for more than a day trip to the Santiago de Compostela will definitely opt for walking the Camino de Santiago. That falls under the ‘things to do’ list, and you simply can’t miss out on it. This also makes a difference in the time that you’d probably want to visit the region.

Best Time To visit Santiago de Compostela

September is the best month to travel to Santiago de Compostela since northern Spain has pleasant summers, and reduced heat compared to August. The off-seasons for the walk are the times when you’d see fewer crowds making the journey slightly more relaxing. April, May, and June are the months for this! These months have bearable weather and the routes are quieter too. February and March are the months of monsoon, and you could avoid this time to tour well. January and December are pretty cold, which is why touring during these times isn’t the best idea either.

Tips on Santiago de Compostela

  • There are many Caminos to choose from, but finding the right route is important. Each of them has something different to offer. You have to choose according to the distance you can walk and the weather favorability. It is important to note that Caminos are strenuous and needs a warm up. If you aren’t a frequent walker or you tend to avoid walking, you might not get too far. The people who go up to the end get a certified diploma of their achievement!
  • Get on the little city train which takes you through the city, and watch the highlights quickly. This will help you locate the places you want to tour through. The train departs from Praza do Obradoiro every day and costs €3 for kids between 4 to 12 and then hikes up to €5 for the rest.
  • The guided visits organized by the City Halls helps you walk through the Old District is the right way.
  • Opting for guides will let you book their service at any time of the day, but they are mostly Spanish speakers.
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