Santiago de Compostela Travel Guide

Santiago de Compostela happens to be the most important tourist’s attraction in Northern Spain. Tourism is an important business to the locals, as they have so much to offer. It has been a significant pilgrimage for people from the Middle Ages, and that is the main reason why there are thousands of them flocking in here, each year!

Galicia’s history is rich due to the medieval town of Santiago de Compostela, and it is precious mainly due to the cultural and religious aspects. Santiago is the most renowned as an illustrious city in Spain. It also includes a major medieval district and that is the prime attraction. This district is inclusive of many monuments and buildings which is not just Spanish, but has international imprints as well. It is quite rightly referred to as one of the greatest regions in the world.

The original settlement of this region dates back to the 9th century and that also marks the beginning of the spectacular cathedrals around the world. The city was once the resting place for Apostle Saint James, who left a very important significance in the town and the Cathedral.

Travellers, who are interested in exploring historic regions, will gladly accept all that they get here. From the places to see, the food to eat and the souvenirs to take back, they will have a lovely exposure to Spain, even if it is the only place they tour.

Apart from the districts and quarters with historic references, the city is pretty prosperous as a commercial centre. There are over 100,000 inhabitants who live through the blend of modern and medieval cultures.