How to get to Caceres

Flights to Caceres:

  • There is a small airport in Extremadura, which is located near Badajoz. This is served by Air Nostrum, which is a sister company to Iberia Airlines. Their only international service is provided to Orly, Paris. For coming to Caceres, you can take a flight from Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona.
  • You could also get to the airport of Seville, and take another transport to reach Caceres.
  • The most favourable way to tour would be to get to Madrid or Lisbon and then continue by a bus or train to get to the destination.

Caceres By Train:

  • You can take a train from Madrid and reach Caceres within 4 hours. RENFE services are really good that way. The duration and trip might vary according to the route and operations by various companies. You also get train services from Portugal.
  • The location of the railway station is towards the city’s south. You would take about a 15-minute walk to get to the centre. You also get a bus station outside the railway station, so you can opt for a bus to take you to the main city.

Caceres By Bus:

There are frequent bus services from Madrid, which takes about 4 hours for you to reach. There are regional buses which take you to the main city too.

Reaching Caceres by Car:

If you take a car and come to the destination, you can opt for the A-5 motorway from Madrid. That is the mostly logical way to reach Badajoz. This motorway passes through Trujillo. Thus, you should follow A-5 till you reach Trujillo and then continue through A-58.

Out and About the City:

Once you have reached the city with the help of your desired transport service, you need to figure out how you would travel across the city.

  • If you already have your own car, it is by far the most convenient way to travel. You can simply have it parked while you go through your desired sites.
  • There are bus services which take you through Caceres, and every site can be walked and reached up to as you get down.
  • As mentioned earlier, walking is the best way to observe the beauty of Caceres. When you get to the historic part of the city, try and make sure that you walk through the sites.

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