Top Spanish Foods to Try in Caceres

Cáceres’ Gastronomy

If you have had the best of Middle Age architectures, cobblestone streets, secret gardens, remnants of Christian, Jewish and Arabic cultures, it is time to indulge in some unique flavors of Torta del Casar cheese, cured sausages from Ibérico pork, pimentón de la Vera and some more to give you the best of Extremadura.

Caceres was marked to be the Spanish Gastronomy Capital in 2015 and is sometimes the reason why people want to come here from different parts of Spain. You are going to be amazed on how many dishes you can try, which is why you will be left in a dilemma to choose one over another. Make sure you ask your guide because he might suggest you some dishes to try. If you are good at socialising, it is always helpful to talk to the locals and gain some knowledge on what to opt for and what not to!

Local Specialities:

  • Iberico Ham: traditional preparation with melons.
  • Torta del Casa: it is the best cheese found in the area, and is processed from the milk of Merino sheep.
  • Frité: this is a made with fried lamb and potatoes. It is to be smothered in a sauce which is made with lamb’s liver and garlic. It has essences of paprika, which enhances the taste.
  • Breadcrumbed and fried Frogs: this is a delicacy which is savoured in these parts of Spain.
  • Pestorejo: a tasty treat made of pig’s ear.
  • Wild Mushroom: they are greatly found in most dishes, and are often accompanied by wines of the region. Talking about wines, you, of course, get a long list to choose from, as wines happen to be the best drink alcoholic beverage you get here!
  • Fig cake: pastries are influenced by Moorish culture and are really delicious! End your tour with a tasty pastry and take back the flavours you’d savour for a lifetime!
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