Cáceres in One Day Itinerary

There are so many places to visit in Caceres that would make it hard to visit all in one day.  Although, there can be circumstances where you have to cover most of it in a day, and that is where we’d like to help you.

If you drive into Caceres, the initial feeling will be urbanised, but as you head to the Old Town, you will witness the authentic Medieval and Renaissance aspects, that dwells in the city till now. The medieval walled city of Caceres has survived well from the 16th century. There have been little changes in the past 6 centuries, and probably is one of the reasons why it is one of the World Heritage City under UNESCO.

Feel the surprising grandeur as you walk into the Plaza Mayor. It is one of the finest squares in Spain and it is amidst grand mansions, churches, turrets and bell towers. It also houses alfresco cafes and restaurants, which makes half of your day, quite happening in the area. Eat some tapas and sip through some Spanish wine while you observe the people around.

Walk through the cobbled streets and see how the museum pieces of the city, is still so much in use! There are numerous inhabitants who reside in the old houses, serve at old churches and maintain the heritage of the city. The old University of Extremadura is located here and is used for astronomical observatories.

It is time to opt for a guide, who would take you through the historical centre and give you all the necessary information about the area. Although you would have to rush through most of them due to the shortage of time, you will surely get some time to click photographs! When you’re tired by dinner time, head to an eatery to serve you the traditional dishes you get here!

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