Cáceres Holidays and Festivals

Mercado Medieval de las Tres Culturas De Caceres (November):

This event in Caceres takes place from Friday to Sunday, in the second week of November. The arrival of autumn brings in this occasion of having a ‘Three Culture Medieval Market’, and is organised in various parts of the city. The main square of Plaza Mayor gives you the best experience and lets you witness various events, activities, performances and the artistic representation of the regular oath, taken in the honour of Queen Isabella of Law, Caceres.

Festivities of San Gorge (April):

This festival in Caceres is celebrated in the honour of their patron saint, San Jorge. This takes place in the week of 23rd of April, every year. The celebrations symbolise the re-conquest of the Christians in the city and reflect historical facts of disputes between Muslims and Christians. Coming to the city at this time would let you see it decked up in the festive mood. Some highlights to catch include the burning dragon at Plaza Mayor square and the dramatised re-enactments of a battle between Muslims and Christians. Try to catch up with the procession of Virgin of La Montaña as well.

Semana Santa de Cáceres (April 9-17)

Like many other places in Spain, Caceres celebrates Easter with parity too. There is a huge procession where people walk through the historical centre. They carry religious statues and play traditional music. There are religious songs played and dedicated to.

WOMAD (May):

WOMAD stands for the World of Music, Arts and Dance Festival which had emerged by a British singer Peter Gabriel. The agenda was to publicise musical rhythms from numerous parts of the world and blend them all together at the event. It is the most significant festival in Caceres, which had started from 1992. This intercultural event has no admission fee. Along with a huge variation in music, there are different bands and soloists who perform every year. There are some more activities like street entertainment, workshops, craft fairs, etc. and all of these fusion different cultures together.

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