Best Time to Visit Cáceres

Here are some travel tips that you might find useful on when is the best time to go to Caceres and what to look forward to.

Best time to Visit Caceres

Spring times bring out the best in the area, as you get to go through beautiful valleys around the city. If you have time, don’t miss out on the lovely cherry groves in Jerte Valley. They flora and fauna come alive and the snow starts thawing at this time. Another time to visit here is during later summers and autumn. The wooded areas start blazing in autumn colours, and the renowned buildings of Cáceres and Trujillo are reflected in red and orange shades! The winters are chilly and they break below 4 degree Celsius, while the summers can go about 40 degree Celsius. If you can withstand the winters, then any time is favourable, apart from mid-summers!

There are multiple festivals which occur in this area, which might determine your stay too. Between January and February, they celebrate events like La Encamisa, El Jarramplas, Las Candelas and Las Carantonas. The famous WOMAD festival takes place during spring. Numerous visitors flock in from any part of Spain, to take part in the event. If you come here during April, you would enjoy parties surrounding San Jorge, which happen at the Plaza Mayor.

Travel Tips to Caceres

  • If you have less time to visit the city, the first tip to travel Caceres is to walk through the historic centre and analyse which sight is more important for you to see. This part of the city will take you from one architectural beauty to another, and the best is that it is not lined up with restaurants and bars. The authentic medieval feel is revived here.
  • The tourism office is located in the Plaza Mayor, which can give you all additional information, to help you plan out your trip according to the days you have at hand.
  • Make sure that you spend ample time at the lively Plaza Mayor. This lets you go through two diverse sides of the city.
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