Top Things to do in Ceuta

Ceuta – Amidst the walls of ancient Castles, lies a city preserved in stone.

The Royal walls of Ceuta greet you when you come into port in this magnificent historically preserved City. Situated on the North Coast of Africa, bordering Morocco, this coastal beauty, on the beaches of the Mediterranean, offers the tourist a peek into a history of culture diversity like no other. It has changed hands so many times and evidence thereof lies deep in the foundation of the exquisite architecture and design.

This place offers architectural diversity with a Spanish flair and when you arrive, you almost feel like you have slipped away into a land of medieval castles and fortresses. It is wonderful just to walk around here and take in the historical splendour. Duty-Free Designer shops and Tapas bars make this a shopping and walking heaven.


Things to do in Ceuta

El Conjunto Monumental de las Murallas Reales

You feel small in a land of high walls and castle-like structures, lit up at night, in all their glory. This is what storybooks are made of. The architecture is fantastic. The Moat makes your trip around this building structure unforgettable.

Parque Maritimo del Mediterraneo

Huge salt water pools, palm trees, casinos….a place to bring the family for a relaxing stay.

Plaza de Africa

A place to just relax in the shade of the beautiful trees and architecture.

Casa de Los Dragones

Castle of Dragons. Interesting castle-like structure with huge dragons perched up on top of if. Spectacular.

Parroquia de Santa Maria de Africa

This traditional place of worship is very pleasing to view. It is small and is dedicated to the saint of the City – the Virgin of Africa, who’s statue is also on display.

Basilica tardorromana

This is a free museum and it hosts a huge amount of historical value to the city.

Banos Arabes

These restored Roman Baths are lovely to visit. They are very small and entry therein is free.

Catedral de Santa Maria de la Asuncion

This Cathedral, on the site of an old Mosque, is quite spectacular, both inside and out. Life size statues adorn the décor making you feel humble in their presence.

Parque de San Amaro

Isolated amongst the stone walls, you find a green park with an open air theatre.

How to get to Ceuta

You can come into Ceuta, from Morocco, through the border, by taxi or car but do be sure to check your necessary paperwork before trying to cross over this way. You can also fly, at a price, via helicopter to one of the nearest helipads of choice. The closest airport is also only ten minutes away so there is no problem there. Most tourists enjoy the internal buses and taxis inland and ferries on the water.


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