How to get to Barcelona

Barcelona Airport has two main Terminals and depending on your airline you will disembark at either T1 or T2B

Main airlines:  Delta, British Airways, Alitalia, KLM and US Airlines disembark at Terminal 1 (T1)

Budget airlines and Ryan Air disembark at Terminal 2 (T2B)

Paris to Barcelona

Paris to Barcelona By Plane

The flight time from Paris to Barcelona is about 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours, and ticket prices start at €20 for a one-way non-stop trip and €36 for a round trip.  Your options for air services include Ryanair, Vueling, Transavia, EasyJet, and Air France, with Ryanair being the cheapest.  Your airport departures destinations are the same as those for Barcelona to Paris.

Paris to Barcelona By Car

You can take the same motorway options as those for Barcelona to Paris.  You will encounter toll roads for either route.  It will take you at least 9.5 hours for the whole trip if you don’t make any major stops or hit traffic.

Madrid to Barcelona

Madrid to Barcelona By Plane

Non-stop flights from Madrid to Barcelona can be found through Air Europa, Vueling, and Iberia.  Vueling and Iberia have the most flights travelling from Madrid to Barcelona.  Flight prices start at $57 and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach your destination.  The easiest flight to book would be the Iberia’s Shuttle as you don’t need to book a flight ahead of time.  You just need an open plane ticket and board a plane as fast as 15 minutes.

Madrid to Barcelona By Bus

Alsa, Movelis, and Anzaare where you can buy bus tickets from Madrid to Barcelona starting at $37.  The route takes from 7 hours and 20 mins to 7 hours and 50 minutes.

Madrid to Barcelona By Train

Train services from Madrid to Barcelona are similar to the trains for Barcelona to Madrid. Tickets start at $30, and the train ride can take at least 2 hours and 30 minutes.  Travel time increases as ticket prices decrease.  So if you want a short ride, your tickets will be a little expensive.  If you have a Eurail pass, you can travel for free. You can buy your tickets from Rail Europe or Renfe.

Madrid to Barcelona By Car

The shortest route is a 5 hour and 45-minute drive.  Gas will be $90 – $130 for a 382-mile drive. Your route will be via A-2 AND AP-2, and you can find detailed directions here. It should be noted that you will encounter toll roads on all routes from Madrid to Barcelona.


Alicante to Barcelona

Alicante to Barcelona By plane

If you want to visit Barcelona, but you are in Alicante, there is a non-stop flight, offered by Vueling and Iberia airlines. It will be a fairly short trip as it takes only 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to the gorgeous Barcelona. A price for a one-way trip starts at 45€ (Vueling) and 103€ (Iberia). The price for a two-way ticket starts at 90€ and goes up to 180€, depending on the date and the day of the week. The best thing about flights between Alicante and Barcelona is the fact that they take place from 1 to 5 times per day.  The buses are available to take you straight to the city. The travelling time is around an hour so you might want to consider fetching a cab or renting a car.

Alicante to Barcelona By Bus

Travel time from Alicante to Barcelona is between 7 and 8 hours. Buses start from 30€ for a one-way trip and 56€ for a round trip. Estación de Autobuses de Alicante (Alicante Terminal)  has a few trips a day available to take you to the Estación de Autobuses de Barcelona.

Alicante Terminal By Train

The trip by a train will take approximately 5 hours. There are a couple of times available for departure from Alacant-Terminal for the trains to arrive in Barcelona Sants Railway Station. In addition to that, the price will be as low as 26€ for a one-way trip and 52€ for a round trip.

Alicante Terminal By car

Travel time from Alicante to Barcelona is normally around 5 hours and 30 minutes, depending on a traffic. There are not that many options and routes as most likely you will have to travel through a picturesque A7 motorway and will be passing Valencia on the way. You will spend somewhere between 65€ and 95€ for gas.

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