Top Spanish Foods to try in Barcelona

Patatas Bravas:

These are crispy and fried potatoes, which feel less oily! They are accompanied with aioli and tangy brava sauce and are topped with a pinch of spice.


These are typical tapas which you get all over the city. They are added with ham, mushrooms, salt cod, chicken and foie gras (duck liver). They are further added with mashed potato, béchamel sauce and breaded to fry golden brown.


This form of tapas recipe had originated in the Basque cuisine. There are small slices of bread, topped with meat, sausages, cheese, etc. and is pinned with a toothpick to make it easier to eat.


This is a champagne-styled Spanish wine which always grabs the attention of tourists.  Almost all the Cava produced is from the region of Penedes in Catalonia


This is an aromatized wine which is infused with botanicals. It is further fortified with neutral spirits to bring in balance. The most popular form of Vermut in the city is the red one.

Pollastre a l’ast (roasted Chicken):

A delicious version of rotisserie chicken is something special to all Catalans. The chicken is slowly roasted and flavored with lemon, thyme, rosemary and salt. It is accompanied with roasted potatoes which were cooked in chicken drippings.


Although this is not a Spanish dish, it is still the most popular breakfast in Barcelona. Catalans are never too keen on breakfast, which is why they might usually need some croissant and coffee in the mornings.


This is fried dough which originated from Iberia. The dough is cut with a star-shaped die and then fried in a vat of hot oil. Sometimes they are clipped mid-air with a pair of scissors. After they are golden and crispy, they are dusted with white sugar and dipped in thick melted chocolate. This is another item which the Catalans eat for breakfast. These are also loved as desserts to the party lovers in the city!

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