Toledo in one-day itinerary


Toledo in one-day itinerary

One day at the ‘city of the three cultures’ is too little to tour, but if that’s how much you have to spend, we have to try out the best to plan it out for you. In the morning, head to the Santa Cruz Museum situated on one side of Plaza de Zocodover. The site includes the old Hospital de Santa Cruz and also the Santa Fe Convent. These have been refurbished and are cultural venues to hosts major exhibitions. After these, you get to see more modern elements, which have been formed from an old convent building. There is glass window offering lovely views over Paseo del Miradero Avenue, Tagus River, and gardens of new Conference Center. Come out to the Calle Santa Fe and then turn left for Santa Cruz Hospital building. The courtyard and the marble staircase of Covarrubias are two attractions here.

Take some time for snacks at the Alcazar Fortress. There are many terraces around the area but the best café to opt for is Castile-La Mancha library. They give an amazing bird’s eye view of Toledo! After you have done walking through Alcazar and the streets around, get to the Cathedral along Calle Cardenal Cisneros. The architecture is so imposing that you would want to spend hours here. See the Monarch’s Chapel, which is the famous gold monstrance and homes magnificent paintings and choir stalls. If you are touring on a Sunday, you will get free entry in the afternoon. Visit the place after 2 p.m. as there are lesser people. Spend the rest of the day at a selected square and enjoy the city life. Take some pictures in the narrow alleys, and those of the Jewish Quarter. Pack up some souvenirs (keep in mind the swords and knives will not be allowed to carry with you on the plane) and sample through some traditional dishes.

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