Holidays and Festivals in Toledo

Toledo Events and Festivals

Semana Santa (March 20-27)

Easter at Toledo has been declared to be an International Tourist’s Interest. The city appeals due to their peculiar scenario of narrow and steep streets. Thus, when the processions pass at night, everybody stands close and walks with candles and torches, making the ambience look imagery. The procession that should be highlighted for interest, happens on Monday, Thursday and Good Friday. The locals carry religious images from one religious place to another, and that is their way of paying tribute. The Brotherhoods dress up like Nazareno, and definitely add their typical sash and cap. Many of them hide their faces with veil and walk to the Blessed Sacrament located in traditional monuments. This is the best time to see numerous churches and architectural establishments, which stay closed to the public all year round.

Corpus Christi (towards end of May)

The most important event in Toledo is Corpus Christi. It has been celebrated for centuries now. It starts 9 weeks after Easter and begins from the Archbishop of Toledo. It makes the city an international tourist’s destination, as people fly in from all parts of Europe. The streets are decorated with wreaths, lanterns, awnings and antique pennants. There are many stalls for tapas, which help you eat along, as you watch the enormous procession go by. They include a group of giants, representing different countries, along with people following the queue. They walk to the historic centre as the 500-pound gilded monstrance is carried. There are numerous concerts and shows which keep happening through the week long.

Virgin of Sagrario (August 15):

This is another time for festivity when people come to the famous Cathedral along Calle Cardenal Cisnero. There is a curious tradition that is celebrated on 15th of August every year. Locals are supposed to come and drink the holy water from the well, which is served in earthenware pots, glasses, and jugs. The water is believed to be miraculous and it is known to make wishes come alive.

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