Foods and Drinks to try in Toledo

Foods To Try in Toledo


The rich cuisine of Toledo is stressed through hunting and slaughtering! There are numerous partridge stews in stock, which are cooked with onion, garlic, and bay leaf base. They are also pickled and consumed cold.

Ciervo Estofado

If you like eating deer meat then Toledo has a very popular dish which is Deer Stew known as ‘ciervo estofado’. The deer meat is cooked with onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes and red wine, amongst other small ingredients.


Another popular dish is known as Carcamusa, which is basically braised pork added with potato stew and tomato sauce. It is outstanding to taste if you choose rabbit meat instead. It is added with garlic sauce, coley, and chasseurs, and then consumed as a stew or with rice.


The starters can include tasty garlic soups or gazpacho. Gazpacho is an innovative cold soup which includes water, olive oil, tomatoes, vinegar, and cucumber. You will relish it the most if you tour during hot spring or summer days.

Wine & Cheese

If you have time to get to La Mancha, you will get nice wine accompanied by prestigious cheese to savor.

Ciervo en salsa

Try out venison stew, locally called Ciervo en salsa. It is a classic dish present in most restaurants across the city, and is prepared with veggies, red wine and flavoured with rosemary and thyme.

Sopa Castellana

One of the best soup trials would be the Castilian soup, locally called Sopa Castellana. The broth is added with ground red pepper, cured ham and garlic. It is accompanied with bread and eggs and typically served in an earthenware bowl.

Rice Dishes

Toledo is known to have a different version of eating rice. It is added with chicken, wild mushrooms, conger eel and squid. The meat is stewed and fried in olive oil and added with herbs.


Marzipan of Toledo happens to be the best dessert to choose for!

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