Toledo Travel Guide

Toledo has been one of the essential centres of European medieval times.  Roman author Titus Livius, was the first person, to have referred to the area as a ‘small fortified town’. Fortification has always held a chief parameter in history.  It still stands evident today, when tourists come here to explore the monumental grandeur.

Toledo was Spain’s capital till 1560, and all through the Gothic era. This explains why it has amazing medieval architecture, and they have been well maintained. When you walk through the streets, you will feel like you have stepped back to the Middle Ages, and all you need is probably the clothes they used to wear, to get into the perfect mood! Toledo is dramatically located on top of a gorge which overlooks the Río Tajo. It was addressed as the ‘city of three cultures’ during the Middle Ages, since it blended the communities of Christians, Muslims and Jews together. They all lived in harmony, and their cultural significance still remains. Discover the vestiges of their unique cultural combination which you get through modern Toledo. From the Horseshoe-arched mosques, one of Spain’s finest Gothic cathedrals, to the Sephardic synagogues, you get to go deep into the historical core and the layers keep getting deeper. If you have more time, you can discover Visigothic and Roman roots. Toledo people have always been fond of art, and the best way to explore that would be to see the haunting canvases of El Greco! Take some time out to buy some gold ducats from the renowned artisans at present, and of course sample through some recommended cuisine.