How to get to Cuenca

How to get to Cuenca

If you are coming from other parts of Spain or out of Spain, get to the Madrid airport and then take a different vehicle to get to the destination.

Cuenca By Train

Madrid’s Atocha Station which is located near Prado offers Renfe Regional train early morning (around 6-8am) every day. It is marked for Valencia which later arrives at Cuenca by 9 a.m (if you left at 6:15).  There is also a high-speed train from Madrid Atocha station with Renfe AVE that can take you to Cuenca in only 50 minutes.  Price for this ticket is around €25 each way while the with the regular Renfe Regional it will be €12 each way.

Unlike other parts your Europe, where you can relax about reservations, RENFE doesn’t let you chill about the reservations! This is why it is better to prevent unforeseen situations than to get there and then do something about it.

Cuenca By Bus

The Cuenca coach station provides services, from the middle of the city, to take and drop people from nearby regions. Travelling here from Madrid or Valencia would take 2-2.5 hours and would cost around €12 each way.  Avanza bus services can take you from Madrid Est. Sur station to Cuenca within 2 hours and 15 minutes.  The bus leaves from Madrid almost every 2 hours.

Cuenca By Car

Those who will get their cars on rent for car services should know that Madrid is about 170 km to Cuenta which should take you around 1 hour and 45 minutes. If you are driving on your own, take route E-901/A3 which goes from Madrid to Tarancón, and there is a left turn towards N-400 or the A-40 motorway to take you to Cuenca. Park the car in the modern areas and then walk through the sites. Don’t try to drive through the old part of the town, as it will be difficult to park every now-and-then.

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