Top Spanish Foods to Try in Cuenca

The traditional dishes in Cuenca is mostly prepared from the products that are cultivated in the province itself! They are further accompanied by good wines, and these too, are produced locally. The main elements of the cuisine have been influenced by the surrounding area and climate. They include specialities like morteruelo, chorizo, ajo arriero, zarajos, partridge, lamb, cheeses, alajú and some lovely local wines and liqueurs like La Sierra aguardiente, resoli, etc.

The regions of La Mancha and La Serranía have had a robust cuisine which is nourished by the summer and winter pasturelands. There is a livestock grazed which offer lovely variations in stews and casseroles.

Locals love to consume lamb roast which is later stewed. The intestines of the animals are nicely cleaned and then seasoned. They are woven round the vine shoots to create zarajos, and are then roasted in fire’s embers. This happens to be one of the most typical dishes and you can add it to your sampling list!

Hare, partridge and rabbits are eaten after having them pickled or made into the traditional bean stew. The small game animals happen to be the basic ingredient for Cuenca’s traditional offering ‘morteruelo’. This is a coarse homemade ‘pate’ which is inclusive of three types of bird – quail-chicken and partridge. It is further added with three types of meat – pig, rabbit and hare. Sometimes you can get to choose deer and wild boar too!

There is an amazing production of cheese. Manchego happens to be the best form of cheese, which competes within other types in Spain and abroad! La Mancha delivers amazing wines which you can sip through, as you sample the dishes too.

Resoli, is by far the best form of local drink that you can opt for. It is a blend of eau-de-vie, coffee, orange essences, stick cinnamon and sugar. It is consumed after a meal and is accompanied by traditional desserts like alaju or ice creams like suspiros de monja.

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