Top things to do in Cuenca

Historic Walled Town of Cuenca:

Historic Walled Town of Cuenca
Historic Walled Town of Cuenca

The city of Cuenca was built by the Moors at the heart of Caliphate of Cordoba, and it acted as a defence position to them. The city is unusually well-preserved with medieval architectural structures. The city was conquered by Castilians in the 12th century, which turned it into a royal town. They established important buildings like casas colgadas and the first Gothic cathedral in Spain. Take the full advantage of this location due to the countryside feel amidst the modernized city towers.

Catedral de Cuenca (Cuenca Cathedral):

Top things to do in Cuenca Spain


In the harsh lands of Southern Castile, the Cuenca Cathedral happens to be one of the unique buildings from Spanish Middle Ages. It was a Moorish temple which was later Christianized. There are numerous stories which unwind around the site, and can be best told be a local guide. The building has weird peculiarities and simplifications which have nurtured the architectural design, but it was one of the first French Gothic style structure which lasts today.

Puente San Pablo:

Cuenca Top Attractions Puente San Pablo
Puente San Pablo

The Bridge of San Pablo provides the most iconic view of the city. The stunning beauty of the Huécar Gorge along with emblematic Hanging Houses is the most spectacular. You can also spot the cathedral along with the cornice of San Pedro, and on the other side convent of San Pablo as well. The bridge had been established in the 16th century but had to be rebuilt in the late 19th century, post demolition. This is one of the must visits and should be on top of your list!

Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses of Cuenca):

Cuenca Points of interest , hanging houses
Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses of Cuenca


The most striking element of Cuenca is this! It perches up over steep defile of Río Huécar and adds to the panoramic beauty. It dates back to the 14th century and the houses with layers of wooden balconies which look to have been emerged from the rock, and act like they are the extension to the cliffs. The footbridge of Puente de San Pablo gives the best views of this site! There is an abstract museum inside the premises, and that adds to the reason of the visit.

Museo de Arte Abstracto Espanol Casas Colgadas:

hanging houses of cuenca museum
Museum of Abstract art in Cuenca

This is the museum located inside the Hanging Houses in Cuenca. The museum has gone through numerous renovations and always turns out to be prettier than ever! It houses temporary exhibitions and artists from all parts of the world, comes here to represent their work. There are numerous collections which have been exhibited by contemporary artists, and they trend in more towards modernity.

Cuenca spain top attractions
Abstract form of art displayed in the Museum

If you stay here for some more time, you can take part in education programs which are interactive sessions with the audiences. It also has a Museum Shop where you can buy catalogues, books, artworks, etc.


Museo de las Ciencias de Castilla la Mancha:

cuenca spain tourist attractions
Science museum of Cuenca

This is a science museum at Cuenca, and will interest all science students! The museum was installed by the Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha, and was inaugurated in 1999. The most significant part of this is the fossil collection corresponding to the paleontological site of Las Hoyas. This museum is in the Old Town and features a planetarium too.

Iglesia de San Pedro:

Iglesia de San Pedro one of the cuenca top things to do in spain cuenca

This church is also referred to as the Church of San Pedro de Atacama and is located in the San Pedro de Atacama square. It had been built in the Andean style. There are three ways to access the region and it covers an arc which forms the inner courtyard. This was once a parish seat but is now a church. This too had been repaired by 1843, and the present tower was replaced in 1964. The renovation will still provide you with the little of the styles that have been replaced one after another. Let your guide help you out, to discover the premises a little more intricately.

Plaza Mayor de Cuenca:

cuenca spain travel guide
Main square (Plaza Mayor) in the old town of Cuenca

This happens to be the main square at Cuenca. This is a bright and perennially busy place where you get to buy tasty tapas from the bars. Catch the fine views of the cathedral as you sip through some tasty wine. There is an amazing collection of snacks, which is why resting here in-between your tour is a good idea! The dining rooms offer reasonable rates with a variety of dishes. You can opt for some traditional cuisine as you get here.

Ciudad Encantada:

Ciudad Encantada

This  Enchanted City which is located 36 km from Cuenca. It is about 1,500 meters above sea level and features unique rock formations, which have been sculpted by ice, the wind, and water for centuries! They have turned out to be different objects which we can relate to, and that is what makes it a prime attraction.

top thing to do in Cuenca Spain
Rock formation in the shape of a human face in Ciudad Encantada

As you get to the destination, you will see formations of Boats, Sea of Stone, the Dog, a Roman Bridge, a Seal, a Slide, a Bear, Lovers of Teruel, Mushrooms, the Turtle, the Convent, etc. The reason why these fanciful shapes have come to life is the hardness and composition of the rock formation.

visiting cuenca spain top attraction
rock formation with a narrow base in Ciudad Encantada

At the very top, there is magnesian limestone which is more resistant to erosion that the ones below with reddish tone. As the lower part erodes faster, the upper part creates shelters and cornices. The area around the city is very magical. There is lovely vegetation which includes gall oaks, box trees, bramble, savin, juniper, etc. There are flocks of sheep which are set to graze, and gives a complete rural feeling! You also get the fragrances of rosemary and thyme which are cultivated here too.

As you travel out or throughout Cuenca, take some time to come to this part of the region. Drive north by opting for the road of Villalba de la Sierra and Teruel. After 7 km straight, you have to take a right at CM 2104, and come 18 km more to reach the site.

Map Of Top Attractions in Cuenca

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