Best Time to Visit Cuenca

Best Time to Visit Cuenca

The climate of the region is temperate, which states that there are four distinctive seasons. You can tour the place all through the four seasons, although there are times which won’t be as comfortable as the rest.

The hottest months happen to be July and August, and the temperatures go up to 38 degrees Celcius (Above 100 degrees Fahrenheit). The night times are more of relief when the temperature drops below 21 to 26 degrees. Apart from the heat, it is still a good time to visit the area. Many locals come here during this time and enjoy long vacations since the population is low and they love the laid back atmosphere.

The best time to visit the city is between April and June, and then again in the fall seasons of September and October. The temperature remains mind and there are numerous festivals to take part in. People congregate in streets, from different parts of the region, to make the events more lively.

The winter months are pretty cold but they are not too bad to tour. Snow falls at times, but it is not mandatory. Many tourist companies, business lower rates for touring through attractive sites, during this time of the year.

Tips to tour Cuenca:

Read through some things to do, while you’re at Cuenca:

  • Go through the historic centre and then across the San Pablo Bridge. This gives you the best view of the Hanging houses. It is most impressive after sunset, as the town is beautifully lit up.
  • Stroll up Calle Alfonso VIII which leads off the Plaza Mayor, and then enjoy looking through the multicoloured buildings tumbling down hill.
  • Walk uphill to reach Calle San Pedro and gaze at the Castle Walls.
  • Get back to the Plaza Mayor if you haven’t gone through the Cathedral de Cuenca.
  • If you have some extra time, don’t miss out on the rock formation of Ciudad Encantada.
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